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Office of Student Services
and Instructional Support

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In support of the university’s mission to provide quality education and services to students, the Office of Student Services and Instructional Support oversees a diversity of programs related to student registration, advisement, and mentoring

Portfolio of activities

Student Services

  • Resolving registration issues
  • Processing of student academic forms
  • Providing students with information about COSET academic curricula
  • Providing referrals for student advisement
  • Providing referrals for student financial aid issues
  • Provising a forum for addressing student concerns
  • Dissemination of information regarding COSET departments
  • Student recruitment into the degree programs of the COSET
  • Providing scholarships
  • Providing information for external scholarships, internships, summer programs and other student opportunities

Instructional Support

  • Provides oversight for classroom audiovisual teaching aids
  • Assists instructors and students with Blackboard
  • Provides support to faculty for selection and utilization of instructional technology.

In an effort to change the academic culture of the College, the Office of Student Services and Instructional Support (OSSIS) was established. The office is overseen by an Assistant Dean, Desirée Jackson, Ph.D. who is assisted by an Administrative Assistant, Ms. Tioka Freeman.
OSSIS serves the College of Science, Engineering and Technology in multiple ways. The office is responsible for approximately 1600 majors, undergraduate and graduate, in a given semester. Under the umbrella of Student Services, this office is responsible for: resolving issues with student registration; resolution of student academic disputes; providing resources or referrals for tutorial services; answering financial aid questions; processing of student academic documents; processing of COSET scholarships; referrals for academic advisement; recruitment of freshmen majors and transfer students; orientation of incoming students; preparation for student events such as award ceremonies, career days, events for prospective students and etc.; facilitation of student interactions with recruiters from graduate and professional programs and/or companies seeking interns or hires.

Since its implementation in 2009, the staff has increased to include a Director for Advisement, Ms. Evangeline Pearson, who was brought on to assist with supporting mostly the freshman students. Orientation and retention of COSET majors is a main focus. Through the COSET 101 meetings, students receive continuous reinforcement of skills to make them successful in their studies. The students are encouraged to attend monthly seminars on study skills, time management, library resources, graduation expectations and career placement and internships. Additionally, Midterm Madness and Finals Frenzy events have been implemented to encourage students to meet with science tutors and make adequate preparations for important exams.

Under the umbrella of Instructional Support, this office provides oversight to the instructional technology within the College. Specifically, some 40+ projectors used in the TSU Science Center lecture halls and lab classrooms for classroom instruction; document projectors used in the lecture halls; audio systems housed in lecture halls and the accompanying accessories and equipment. Additionally, there are many computer laboratories housed in the College which also receive service through OSSIS.

COSET faculty receives support through OSSIS to identify and effectively utilize technology to enhance classroom instruction. Workshops scheduled through OSSIS give faculty hands-on instruction in aspects of the Blackboard course platform used by the University.

For additional information:

College of Science and Technology
Texas Southern University
Office of Student Services and Instructional Support
3100 Cleburne Avenue Houston Texas 77004
Tel: 713-313-1860

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