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Research Committee

The College of Science, Engineering and Technology Research Committee is pleased to announce the availability of supplementary funds for professional faculty development in the form of:

  • publication costs associated with peer –reviewed manuscripts accepted for publication and
  • travel awards for faculty with accepted abstracts for posters and/or seminars.

To be considered for these awards, faculty must be made aware of following facts and policies.

  1. The Research committee itself does not possess or award funds. Rather, the committee makes recommendation to the Dean’s office for supporting funds on behalf of the applicant.
  2. The maximum awards are $750.00 and $1000.00 for publication fees and travel, respectively.
  3. In order to be considered for an award, the faculty member must demonstrate that: a.) he/she was unsuccessful in obtaining departmental funds for support (this can be accomplished with an email from the departmental chair to the committee chair) and b.) that the applicant has no extramural or seed grant funding which can be used to support his/her publication and/or travel fees.
  4. The documents to be submitted to the Research Committee Chair include: a.)an acceptance/invitation letter, b.) a line item budget, and c.) justifications as described in #2 above.
  5. Upon receipt of funding, the awardee agrees that he/she will deliver a seminar to the College on either the work that was presented/published or about the information gleaned at the professional development conference (e.g. a grant writing workshop/conference).

Presently, applications/requests for funds are being evaluated on a rolling cycle basis; however, if pre-established due dates for request are made these will be communicated to the COSET faculty via email, and through the Application Form.