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Spring 2018 – Important dates

Over the next month, there are many exciting activities and events in our college.

Save the Dates:

  • COSET 101- March 28th @ Noon in SB 156 with special guest speakers from NASA and former interns. (Applications for 2018 internships will be available. Students must be present to receive application and for the NASA session. All STEM Majors are needed and student orgs should be present.) Download NASA Internship Flyer and COSET-101-flyer .
  • University Catalog Committee Meeting – March 28th @ 11:00am in Tech 316
  • Good Friday Holiday – March 30th
  • Community College Visits & TSU Info Sessions – The entire month of April with Office of Outreach Services (Depts. may be asked to send representatives to attend TSU days at these schools.) More information to follow and see attached TSU_Fall_2018_Info_Session .
  • Last Day to Drop/Withdraw – April 6th (Students must complete a drop or withdrawal form, signed by an advisor and taken to Bell Hall 2nd for it to be processed)
  • Honors Day Convocation – April 5th (8:30am in H & PE Rotunda to distribute certificates and medallions. Assistance is requested to help distribute certificates and metals. Thanks.)
  • COSET Computer Science Hack –A-Thon – April 7th (Time: 9:30 am to April 8th 3:00pm Location: Rec Center)
  • Banner 9.0 Roll Out – April 9th
  • Registration Begins for Special Groups – April 9th – 13th (Band, Athletics, ODS, Honors, VA)
  • SASS Advisor/Majors Fair – April 11th (Rec Center or Under the tents on plaza. All depts. Will be needed to send a representative for the freshman handoff. Thanks)
  • Registration Begins for all Continuing Students – April 16th
  • Awards Day Event Committee Meeting – April 18th (Student orgs required to attend)
  • Middle School Day – April 19th (Good Opportunity for COSET student orgs to do some fundraising within the SB and Tech bldgs. Note: Must have license from Special Events to have a table and to sell food, etc.) More info to follow.
  • COSET 101– April 25th – Graduating Senior and Junior Class meeting – (All required to attend SB 156 at Noon)
  • COSET Awards Day – April 26th @ 11:30 am in SB Atrium (Volunteers will be needed. Thanks)
  • COSET Alumni STEM Career Fair – April 27th (Please share with your students SB Atrium Time: TBD Student orgs and all depts. are asked to participate and have a table. Thanks)
  • TSU Transfer Day – April 27th PAB 114 Time: TBA (COSET Speakers will be needed)
  • Summer Undergraduate Research Programs – April 27th: deadline for applications
  • Finals Frenzy – May 2nd from 5:00pm to 10:00 pm in SB Atrium (Faculty/Staff, Tutors and student orgs are needed for assistance. Thank you.) Download COSET Final Frenzy 2018 Flyer .
  • Final Exams – May 5th -10th (See schedule on line)
  • Graduation Rehearsal – May 11th in H & PE 9:00 am to 11:00am
  • Graduation – May 12th (See graduation schedule online at TSU E-news for more information)

For further information please feel free to contact Evangeline Pearson, COSET OSSIS.