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Physics Seminar

The Thunder and the Lightning:University of Texas at Brownsville’s efforts to see the sounds of Gravity
by Professor Mari Diaz, Center for Gravitational Wave Astronomy Department of Physics and Astronomy The University of Texas at Brownsville
2014-04-30, 05:00 PM in TECH 243


In this seminar I will describe UTB’s scientists and students efforts to build an astronomical observatory in the southern hemisphere. Some current models of neutron star mergers predict the emission of electromagnetic afterglows associated with the cataclysm. This could have extreme relevance to the detection of gravitational waves produced during the event. I will discuss how the quasi-simultaneous observations of both events could greatly improve the understanding of gravitational wave observations and the astrophysics behind the phenomena. I will also explain how an astronomical observatory in the south could be a valuable instrument in this hunt for the first detection of the music of the stars.

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