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Physics Seminar

Chemical mechanisms in the nitrile reductase QueF
by Mark Cunningham, The University of Texas-Pan American
2011-04-04, 10:00 PM in NSB 154


Computational tools are increasingly utilized to provide additional insights into the mechanisms employed by biomolecular systems. These techniques provide information that is complementary to that obtained via direct experimentation; numerical experiments can be used to guide further laboratory investigations. We are now able to provide an atomic-level description of biosynthetic pathways that were the subject of speculation just a few years ago. In this presentation, we�ll discuss one particular enzyme system: the nitrile reductase QueF from Vibrio cholerae and how the merger of computational and laboratory experimentation has provided details as to how this bacterial enzyme is capable of reducing a carbon-nitrogen triple bond (C�N) into a single bond (C�N) at atmospheric pressure and room temperature.