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Physics Seminar

Cancelled-Mathematica in Education and Research – Cancelled
by Sean McDonald, Wolfram Research
2011-04-19, 11:00 PM in NSB 156




Join Sean McDonald from Wolfram Research as he guides us through the capabilities of Mathematica 8. Sean will demonstrate the key features that are directly applicable for use in teaching and research. Topics of the technical talk include:


  • Natural language input (new for version 8)
  • Market leading statistical analysis functionality
  • Two-Dimensional and three-dimensional graphing
  • Creating interactive models that encourage student participation and learning
  • Working with integrated data
  • Ease of use and learning resources for beginning users (faculty and students)


Prior knowledge of Mathematica is not required (non-users are encouraged to attend). Additionally, users of older versions will benefit from seeing the new features that have been added to Mathematica 8.