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Physics Seminar

Computational nanotechnology at Texas Southern University
by Dr. Nevill Gonzalez Szwacki, Texas Southern University
2009-03-12, 05:00 PM in SB 150


The properties of nanostructure materials often differ from those of their bulk counterparts. Bulk boron exhibits a complex crystal structure due to its electron-deficient bonds, and possesses very interesting properties including high melting point, high hardness and Young’s modulus, and interesting electronic and optical properties. There is, however, little known about the properties of boron nanometer-sized structures like nanotubes and nanowires. In the seminar we will present the physical and chemical properties of pure boron and boron related nanostructures.  Special emphasis will be placed on our recent work on the theoretical identification of an unusually stable planar molecule, B12H6, which has similar structural and electronic properties to the well known benzene (C6H6). This molecule could be a promising building block of boron hollow clusters and nanotubes.