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TSU-HOSA Does It Again!

HOSA members before award ceremony:

Top (Leftà Right): Phillips Truong, Kapil Sapkota, Ben Caballero, Frank Khong, Tan Nguyen, Jay Saynonh, Dr. Ayodotun Sodipe, Ali Bilal, Tommy Quach, Chi-Minh Phillip Nguyen

Bottom (Leftà Right: Sarah Sejoro, Sarah Hussein, Emem iWatt, Autumn Pitre

Texas Southern University chapter of Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA- Gamma Eta Rho) continues their legacy of attending and competing in the 2014-2015 Texas HOSA State Leadership Conference on April 9-11, 2015 in Dallas, Texas at the Hilton Anatole Hotel. This year, the current board of committees/officers of TSU-HOSA sent 14 students to compete against over 100 high schools and greater than 16 different collegiate chapters such as University of Texas in Austin, University of Texas in Dallas, Texas A&M university, University of Texas in Pan America, University of Houston, and University of St.Thomas. At this leadership conference, officers and members attended HOSA- Sponsored leadership training seminar in order to increase their leadership skills and allow them to efficiently lead the chapter for the upcoming year.  As officers and members studied diligently throughout the year, the officers prepared quizzes for their members and held the first TSU State leadership competition in order to help members be more prepared for their event. Under the leadership of Tommy Quach (President), Kristina Curry (Vice-President), Ben Caballero (Secretary), Ali Bilal (Historian), Autumn Pitre (Treasurer), Paul Ha (Treasurer), and Dayana Smoot( public relations), TSU was honored at the recognition and award ceremony at the end of the conference  in the main ballroom of Hilton Anatole hotel as 12 out of 14 members were recognized as finalist of their competitive events such as CPR/First Aid, Sports Medicine, Forensic Medicine, Dental Terminology, Medical terminology, Pathophysiology, Human Growth & Development, and Medical Laws & Ethics. Within the 12 members who were recognized as finalist, 8 of the members will continue to move to the next level and compete at the National Leadership Conference in Anaheim, California in June 24-27, 2015.  In addition, 8 out of 14 members were also recognized at the award ceremony for placing in the top 10%  of the Health Care Issue Exam as they competed among other collegiate competitive members from every university that attended this conference. In addition, TSU-HOSA member, Sarah Sejoro, received the highest score in the health care issue exam in the pool of over 250 collegiate competitive members. TSU-HOSA chapter was also recognized for their community service throughout the semester at the award ceremony as all 14 members received the Barbra James Service Award. TSU-HOSA would like to show their appreciation and recognize Dean Dr. Lei Yu (Dean of COSET), Dr. Warren Williams (Biology Department Chair), Dr. Hector Miranda (Adviser), and Dr. Ayodotun Sodipe (adviser) for all their support and appreciation to TSU-HOSA. TSU-HOSA would like to individually recognize each member who received an award below:

Tommy Quach: 4th CPR/First Aid, Barbra James Service Award

Ben Caballero:4th  CPR/First Aid, Barbra James Service Award

Tan Nguyen: 1st Medical Photography, Health Care Issue Exam, Barbra James Service Award  

Kapil Sapkota:5th Forensic Medicine, Health Care Issue Exam,  Barbra James Service Award

Phillips Truong: 5th Forensic Medicine, Barbra James Service Award

Chi-Minh Phillip Nguyen: 2nd Sports Medicine, Health Care Issue Exam, Barbra James Service Award

Frank Khong: 3rd Healthy Lifestyles, Health Care Issue Exam,  Barbra James Service Award 

Jay Saynonh: 4th Epidemiology, Health Care Issue Exam,  Barbra James Service Award 

Ali Bilal: 4th Pathophysiology, Health Care Issue Exam, Barbra James Service Award 

Sarah Sejoro:  4th Human Growth & Development, Health Care Issue Exam, Barbra James Service Award 

Sarah Hussein: Barbra James Service Award

Emem iWatt: Barbra James Service Award

Joan Tran:  4TH Transcultural Health Care, Barbra James Service Award 

Autumn Pitre:  Dental Terminology, Health Care Issue Exam, Barbra James Service Award 


TSU-HOSA recipients of Health Care Issue Exam (leftà Right):

Jay Saynonh, Chi-Minh Phillip Nguyen, Tan Nguyen, Kapil Sapkota, Dr. Ayodotun Sodipe, Sarah Sejoro, Autumn Pitre, Ali Bilal, Frank Khong


TSU HOSA members at the end of the award ceremony (Top & Bottom LeftàRight):

Top: Ali Bilal, Ben Caballero, Phillips Truong, Tan Nguyen, Jay Saynonh, Frank Khong, Kapil Sapkota, Tommy Quach, Chi-Minh Phillip Nguyen

Bottom: Sarah Hussein, Sarah Sejoro, Autumn Pitre