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Leonard H. O. Spearman Technology Building dedicated by the University and

A throng of friends of the College, alumni, students, faculty, and administrators gathered on the plaza on February 19, 2014 to dedicate the newest academic structure of the College, the Leonard H. O. Spearman Technology Building, in honor of the 6th president of the University. It was a moving ceremony with many speeches from all those who had a hand in making the building a reality.


The building contains numerous laboratories as listed below.

Advanced Undergraduate Physics Lab


Low Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Lab

Air Traffic Control Lab


Maritime Transportation Lab

Aviation Management Lab


Medical & Nuclear Physics Research Lab

Computer-Aided Design Lab 1


Medical and Nuclear Physics Teaching Lab

Computer Literacy Lab


Micro Processing Lab

Computer Physics Technology Lab


Mini TranStar Lab

Construction Lab


Multimedia Networking Lab

Control Lab


Multipurpose Civil Engineering Lab

Database Lab


Network Lab

Driving Simulation Lab


Special Computer Lab

Electronics/Computer Lab


Traffic Signal Lab

Environmental Engineering Lab


Traffic Simulation Lab

Flight Simulator Lab


Undergraduate Physics Labs

Geotechnical/Material Testing Lab


Vehicle Emission Lab

High Performance Computing Lab


Web Development Lab

Integrated Development Environment Lab


Wireless Sensor Networks Research Lab

The technology building had 98,000 square feet of space and was occupied in 1987 with the Departments of Engineering Technology, Industrial Technology, and Transportation Studies. Because of Dr. Spearman’s steadfast support of science and technology, the University sought to honor him by naming the technology building, which began construction under his presidency, the Leonard H. O. Spearman Technology building.The Leonard H. O. Spearman Technology building is named after Dr. Leonard H. O. Spearman, the 5th president of Texas Southern University. President Spearman was instrumental in the merger of the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics, which were housed in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; with the Departments of Engineering Technology and Industrial Technology of the School of Technology, and formed a new College of Science and Technology. The Airway Science program was added in 1986. A new wing was added to the Nabrit Science Building to house the Department of Computer Science and a technology building was constructed to house the technology programs.

The Spearman Technology Building was severely damaged and rendered unusable by the impact of hurricane Ike on September 13, 2008. It was demolished, and replaced by a new technology building with 107,791 square feet of space and the latest technology for instruction and research. The University continued this honor by maintaining the name of the new technology building as the Leonard H. O. Spearman Technology Building.

The new and redesigned building houses six academic departments: Aviation Science and Technology, Computer Science, Engineering Technology, Industrial Technology, Physics, and Transportation Studies.

It was not simply a replacement of the old technology building but a new design, expansion, and integration of science and technology for the future. The science and technology programs scattered in various locations on TSU campus were consolidated to this one location. This new facility hosts 35 state-of-the-art labs such as, a full-motion flight simulator lab, a vehicle emission testing lab, an air traffic control lab, a high performance computing lab, a Mini-TranStar lab, a driving simulation lab, a construction lab, two design labs, health and nuclear physics labs, a geotechnical/material testing lab, an environmental engineering lab, a wireless sensor networks lab, and various other engineering, physics, and computer science labs. In addition, the facility is home to a new Tier 1 University Transportation Center, the Center for Transportation Training and Research, and the new National Science Foundation Center for Research on Complex Networks.

Under the leadership of Dean Lei Yu, the College has established a stronger funded research base, established new research centers, programs, and departments and is now leading in research, student services, faculty development, and contemporary education. The College leads the University in research funding and with the new Leonard H. O. Spearman Technology Building together with the existing Science Building, all of the departments of the College are in close proximity, which will foster collaboration and interdisciplinary research, study, teaching, and service.

President John Rudley provided an account of the challenges the University had to overcome to achieve such a project at a time when the financial markets were under reacting to the economy in recession. The building opened for the spring semester 2014.

Ms. Kenyata Thomas, a junior in engineering technology, served as Co-Mistresses of Ceremonies along with Mrs. Eva Pickens, Associate V.P., Communications & Community Affairs. The platform guests included President Rudley, Board of Regents Vice Chairman Dionicio Flores, State Senator Rodney Ellis, Regent Samuel Bryant, and Regent Curtistene McCowan, Congressman Al Green, and Student Regent Faron Foy.

Many community leaders and dignitaries were in attendance at this major expansion of the facilities of the College of Science and Technology of Texas Southern University. The Spearman family was present as was the family of Retired Professor Naomi Ledé.

Ms. Kenyata Thomas observed that a building is simply bricks, concrete, steel and glass, but this dedication transforms it into a sacred place where students and teachers gather for scholarship. The Leonard H. O. Spearman Technology Building will be a place for study and research for years to come.