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Special Computer Lab


TECH 261
Students in the Special Computer Lab

Students in the Special Computer Lab

Traffic software system

Traffic software system

The special computer lab in the Department of Transportation Studies is equipped with 26 computers installed with a variety of transportation software, including transportation planning software (CUBE, TRANSCAD, etc.), traffic statistical analysis software (Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, SPSS, SAS, etc.), and Geographic Information System (GIS) software (ArcGIS, etc.). Students will learn the use of these softwares through a series of classes, including TMGT 815, TMGT 882, TMGT 850, TMGT 830, TMGT 811, TMGT 823 and TMGT 812. Regular trainings or workshops are also held in this lab by faculty or invited experts.

Students will gain experience and skills in the following areas: 1) traffic demand forecasting. With the use of transportation planning software, e.g. CUBE, students can estimate the future travel demand and the impacts of alternative transportation policies and improvements, 2) transportation system design and data analysis. With the use of Geographic Information System (GIS) software, e.g. ArcGIS and data analysis software, e.g. SPSS, students can spatially analyze the performance of different transposition designs and develop mathematical models to predict traffic conditions. Through these experiences, students will gain marketable skills to facilitate placement in both academic and industrial fields after their graduation.

Most federal or state funded transportation projects include tasks that require data analysis, traffic demand forecasting, or ArcGIS based system design and analysis. By using the state-of- the-art softwares installed in this lab, TSU researchers could conduct research in the fields of travel demand forecasting, air quality analysis, public transit systems, transportation design and analysis, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), and transportation planning and management.

This lab significantly increases our research capabilities and improves the funding opportunities for TSU.

  • Transportation Planning
  • Traffic Statistical Analysis
  • Geographical Information Systems