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Electronics Computer Lab


TECH 256

This lab will help students to stay current with modern software and latest technology trends in electronics engineering.

Students in the Electronics Computer class

The Electronics Computer class

Students will be exposed to structured methods for developing complex technology computer programs using high level programming in a networked environment. The C++ language as a problem-solving tool will be emphasized. Writing industrial application programs such as floating point mathematical routines and special purpose languages utilizing micro assemblers will be taught.

Students will receive hands-on experience in high-level, object-oriented language programming using JAVA, which includes inheritance and polymorphism, implementing hiding, and the creation of JAVA applets for internet usage.

Students will have experience analyzing and interpreting technical and design requirements, designing software strategies, and creating code. Students will develop extensive knowledge of software version control procedures and systems, and management of software development.

The department will also host a number of research opportunities in the area of software development to meet real world goals and functions. This can help in the development of advanced technology and artificially intelligent systems.

  • C++ language as a problem- solving tool
  • High-level, object-oriented language programming using JAVA
  • Creation of JAVA applets for internet usage
  • Students in the Electronics Computer Lab

    Students in the Electronics Computer Lab