Houston National Summer Transportation Institute

Mission and goals

Houston National Summer Transportation Institute is hosted at Texas Southern University every year during summer. This educational experience started in 2001 and it exposes students to a series of lectures, technical tours, guest speakers, and academic exercises in the transportation industry.
The HNSTI offers a four-week introduction to all modes and careers in transportation as well as academic enhancement activities. The on-campus sessions are designed to encourage a diverse cadre of motivated secondary school students to pursue transportation careers and to address the need for a well-trained, qualified, diverse workforce in the 21st century. The HNSTI is one of several educational initiatives of the DOT, challenging the country to work with youth of all ages and help them to focus on skills in math, science, and technology. To date, the HNSTI host sites include Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and other minority institutions of higher education across the nation. Texas Department of Transportation serves as the National Resource Center.

Director and Contact Information

Associate Director
TECH 401B | (713) 313.7925

Funding Sources

Federal Highway Administration

Other Administrative Staff

  • Dr. Ali Ataabadi
  • Mr. Reza Kamandar

Labs and Equipment

Solar Energy, Aviation Lab