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Advancing Basic Science Research and Undergraduate Education in Computer Vision

Mission and goals

This Targeted Infusion Project aims at establishing an undergraduate program in Computer Vision is established at Texas Southern University. Computer vision is defined as a subfield of artificial intelligence, and it deals with developing and analyzing algorithms that can extract useful information from images. The research team has the following goals: (1) to implement and investigate two teaching models based on theoretical exposure and hands-on exposure in computer vision, (2) to create a computer vision certification program including a new course on this field at Texas Southern University, (3) to create a computer vision research program to engage senior year undergraduate students into research, and (4) to provide educational and research opportunities to high school students in computer vision.

Learning computer vision theories can be challenging for most undergraduate students as these theories often involve a high level of mathematical analysis derived from other definitions and theories. Traditional instruction in the field, the “theory-first model,” requires extensive memorization and learning abstract reasoning and analysis. The presentation of these lengthy theoretical foundations may cause students’ attention and excitement to wane. Instead, the investigators hypothesize that identifying essential parts of a computer vision concept and using multiple examples to demonstrate their significance, before presentation and development of theoretical content, may be a more effective teaching model. This “hands-on first model” may have higher potential to grab students’ attention and help them have clear and detailed understanding of the concepts. This targeted infusion project aims to study the effectiveness of these two learning models and publish the results.


Assistant Professor
TECH 101 | (713) 313.7119
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Funding source

This program is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) through a Targeted Infusion Project (TIP)  award (HRD-xxxxxx) of $399,924 over the 3 year period 11/01/2022 – 10/30/2025.

Contact Information

Department of Engineering
Technology Building, Room 101
Texas Southern University
3100 Cleburne Avenue, Houston TX 77004
tel: 713-313-xxxx
fax: 713-313-xxxx


Assistant Professor
TECH 101 | (713) 313.7119
Curriculum Vitae
TECH 206 | (713) 313.4482
Curriculum Vitae
TECH 105 | (713) 313.7285
Curriculum Vitae

Current Graduate Students

Current and Past Summer Research Students

Research and Services

Equipment and Labs

Computer Vision Lab

High Performance Computing Lab

Presentations and Conference Papers

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Summer Program

Program Components

  • 10 week summer program with total stipend of $4000.
  • Academic enrichment courses and seminars to strengthen graduate school preparation.

Application Requirements

  • Minority students with U.S. citizenship or permanent resident status.
  • Undergraduate STEM students with a minimum of 27 semester credit hours with overall and science GPA of 3.25 and above.
  • Resume and three letters of recommendation.
  • One page (300 word) statement of interest.
  • High School transcript.
  • Current unofficial undergraduate transcript.

Email application materials to Dr. Sahin by April 20, 2024.

Please download the flyer