Assistant Professor
SB 116 | (713) 313.7967
Curriculum Vitae

Education and Training

  • Ph.D., Mathematics, August 2006 University of Houston, Houston, TX, USA
  • M.S., Mathematics, June 2000 Zhejiang Normal University, China
  • B.S., Mathematics, June 1997 Zhejiang Normal University, China

Research Interests


My research is in the area of nonlinear dynamical systems with focuses on theory on dynamics of networks of differential equations and its applications. Currently, I work on

  • Theory of coupled cell systems
  • Dynamics of network motifs
  • Dynamics of generalized rivalry network
  • Grid formation in mammalian spatial navigation systems
  • NF-kB signaling pathway

Recent Publications

C. Diekman, M. Golubitsky and Y. Wang. Derived Patterns in Binocular
Rivalry Networks. /J. Math. Neuro./ (2013)

C. Diekman, M. Golubitsky, T. McMillen and Y. Wang. Reduction and dynamics of a generalized network with two learned patterns. ]/ /SIAM J. Appl. Dynam. Sys./11 (4) (2012) 1270-1309./[LINK: papers/Rivalrytwopattern_Final.pdf] [PDF 711K

M. Golubitsky, D. Romano, and Y. Wang. Network Periodic Solution: Rigid phase shift. ./Nonlinearity./ 25 (2012) 1045-1074.[LINK] [papers/rigidPhaseAug6.pdf] [PDF 142k]

Y. Wang, P.Paszek, C. A. Horton, H. Yue, M. R.White, D.B. Kell, M. R. Muldoon and D.S. Broomhead. A systematic study of the response of a NF-kappaB signalling pathway to TNFalpha stimulation. 297 (2012) 137-147 /Journal of Theoretical Biololgy/[LINK: papers/NFkBbifur.pdf] [PDF 1481K]

Y. Wang, P. Paszek, C. A. Horton, D. B. Kell and M. R. White, D. S. Broomhead and M. R. Muldoon. Interactions among oscillatory pathways in NF-kappaB signalling. 5(23), 2011./BMC Systems Biology/