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TSU-HISD Plan Aviation Partnership


Left to Right: Roscoe Edwards, Ed Booker, Matthew Julien, Melaney Herron, Oscar Criner,Jose Santos, Marvin Smith, Justin Fuentes, Lei YU, Maria Flores, Muriel Jones, Tasjah Hall, Sherelle Foust, Michael Love

TSU’s Department of Aviation Science and Technology and HISD’s Sterling Aviation High School, the HISD Aviation Magnet, are planning a joint program to train pilots. HISD and TSU are creating a Memorandum of Understanding whereby Sterling Students take flight classes through the Department of Aviation Science and Technology at TSU. Dean Lei Yu and Assistant Superintendent Michael Love set in motion the process where students at Sterling Aviation High School will take aviation courses at TSU toward their pilot’s license and advanced placement in the Department upon graduation from Sterling. TSU’s Aviation science management program is thirty years old, but the flight program just started in 2014. The demand for instruction in flight has increased in recent years, so that TSU has over 60 students who want to become pilots. Sterling houses HISD’s aviation magnet program where students may take Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved courses. Students will then be able to take private pilot ground and then private pilot ours of flight time. Students may then take the FAA written and practical s examination.

by Oscar H. Criner, Interim Associate Dean, COSET
August 16, 2016