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Introduction to Borehole Sonic Measurements for Oil & Gas Exploration
David Scheibner, PhD, Schlumberger, Houston
2015-09-24, 05:00 PM in SB 303H


During and immediately after drilling an oil or gas well, a suite of measurements is taken to determine the petrophysical properties of the rock and fluid formations along the well trajectory. These measurements include electromagnetic, nuclear, acoustic, magnetic resonance, and core and cutting samples. This presentation will focus on the acoustic measurements, also known as ?sonic well logging?, taken in the 300 Hz ? 30 kHz range. It will cover the different types of sonic wave propagation in a fluid-filled borehole, the rock properties measured by sonic logging, the evolution of sonic measurement devices over the past 60 years, and some of the ways that computer modeling has been used for development and interpretation of the measurements. This is a non-mathematical introductory treatment suitable for students of engineering, physics, geology or applied math.