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COSET Seminar

Meaningful Interdisciplinary Research and its Impact
by Dr. M Sriram Iyengar, University of Texas Medical Center
2014-04-03, 12:00 PM in NSB 146


In recent years, it has become increasingly apparent that continued progress in scientific research, and development of new technologies to meet the demands of the modern world, depends upon bringing together techniques and ideas from multiple fields of specialization. This is true especially with respect to breakthrough scientific advances and disruptive technologies.  In this talk I will present examples of interdisciplinary endeavors from biology, medicine, media, computing and communication such as systems biology, biomedical informatics, mHealth, digital media, and Big Data. A common thread in many of these is the important roles of mathematics, computer and information science to provide the theoretical underpinnings, and the implementation of these techniques using information and communication technologies to yield meaningful advances. While establishing successful interdisciplinary research programs can be challenging the rewards can be exciting and impactful. 

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