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Physics Seminar

Finding Symmetry in Quantum Turbulence
by Ms. Cassandra Oduola, Texas Southern University
2011-12-12, 08:30 PM in NSB 113


With the onslaught of natural disasters involving wind and water, the scientific community has tried to refine methods of predicting hurricanes, tornadoes and tsunamis before it is too late. These phenomena are all associated with turbulence. Turbulence is an unpredictable chaotic phenomenon in nature. This type of turbulence has also been observed at the quantum physical scale.  This research employs the non-linear Schrödinger coupled with Poisson’s equation for two dimensional quantum turbulence simulations.   Research has found evidence of soliton solutions to the non-linear Schrödinger coupled with Poisson’s equation.  Solitons are self-reinforcing waves in nature that are also symmetric. Therefore symmetry can be found in quantum turbulence.