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Physics Seminar

Conformal Tightness of Holographic Scaling For Black Hole
by Dr. Carlos Ordonez, University of Houston
2008-04-28, 10:00 AM in NSB 148



The near-horizon conformal symmetry of non-extremal black holes is shown to be a mandatory ingredient for the holographic (area) scaling of the black hole entropy. Specifically, first-principle scaling arguments reveal a violation of the Bekenstein-Hawking area law for the entropy for any departures from the asymptotically exact SO(2,1) invariance of the general-relativistic near-horizon physics. In essence, this “conformal tightness” of the radial degree of freedom conspires with the area proportionality of the angular momentum sums to yield a robust holographic outcome. The emphasis of the presentation will be on the logical structure of the calculations. A brief review of the main results by the speaker relevant for this talk will be given.