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Curriculum Vitae

Education and Training

  • 1982, Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Cincinnati.
  • 1976, M.Sc., Computer Science, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.
  • 1974, B.Sc., Science, Ain-Shams, Cairo, Egypt
  • 1971, B.Sc., Electrical Engineering, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt.


Research Interests

Research/Scholarly Activities

Recent Publications

Khaled Kamel and Eman Kamel, Programmable Logic Controllers: Industrial Control, Text Book in publication by McGraw-Hill, April 2013.

Olugbenga Olumuyiwa, Aladdin Sleem, and Khaled Kamel, REAL TIME PERFORMANCE EVALUATION OF VOICE OVER IP CALL QUALITY UNDER VARYING NETWORK CONDITIONS, the International Journal of Applied Science and Technology (IJAST), Vol. 1 No. 6, December 2011.

Omar Essa, Aladdin Sleem, Hany Harb, and Khaled Kamel, Three-Tier Architecture for Multimedia Quality of Service Management in IP Networks, the International Engineering Consortium (IEC) Annual Review of Communication, Volume 60, December 2007.

K.A. Kamel, A. Kumar, and A. Sleem,” Handoff Management in Wireless Data Networks using Topography-Aware Mobility Prediction, Annual Review of Communications, Volume 58, November 2005.

K.A. Kamel, A. Kumar, A. S. Elmaghraby, and Alok Srivastava,” Generalized Objected Oriented Simulation Frame Work for Multimedia-on-Demand Services, Annual Review of Communications, Vol. 55, ISBN: 1-931695-02-4, May 2002.


Computer Science Students Recruitment and Retention Enhancements, PI
and Project Director, $79,000, Texas Work Force commission and the US
Department of labor, October 2007 to November 2008.

NSF Science, Technology, and Engineering Enhancement Program (STEP).
TSU College of Science and Technology infrastructure and curriculum
enhancements project, Dr. Bobby Wilson project PI. Computer Science
funding $400,000, fall 2006 to spring 2011.

E-Commerce: Adoption, Acceptance, and Prototyping in Abu Dhabi, Abu
Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and UAEU, June 2002 June 2003, PI and
Project Director, DH 400,000.

The Software Business Incubator Development Program for Egypt, United
States Agency for International Development (USAID), Co-Director,
$4,859,300 (Partial funding secured)

Master of Science in Computer Science Intake V program, RITI, Cairo,
Egypt, Director, 150,000, 2000-2001.

Master of Science in Computer Science Intake IV program, RITI, Cairo,
Egypt, Director, 162,500, 1999-2000.

Master of Science in Computer Science Intake III program, RITI, Cairo,
Egypt, Director, 162,500, 1998-1999.

Raganatham Associate and MSD, Oracle Database for Customer Complaints
and Company Compliance, $25,000, Director, 1997-1998.

Hanover College Indiana, Object Oriented Programming in Computer
Science Core,17,500, Director, 1997-1998.

Master of Science in Computer Science Intake II program, RITI, Cairo,
Egypt, Director, 150,000, 1997-1998.

Master of Science in Computer Science Intake I program, RITI, Cairo,
Egypt, Director,150,000, 1996-1997.

Lexmark Computer Equipment Grant of Network High Capacity Laser
Printer, valued at $70,000, Co-Director, 1996.

Microsoft Instructional Laboratories Grant of Software Licenses, valued at
$40,000, Co-Director, 1995.

National Science Foundation (EPSCoR), “Interdisciplinary Research in A.I.
and Automation”, $79,920 (90-92 Budget), Co-Director, Dec 1990.

National Science Foundation (EPSCoR), “Interdisciplinary Research in AI
and Automation”, 1988, $56,159 (88-89 Budget), Co-Director, March 1988.

Symbolic Inc., “Structured Approach to Image and Speech Perception”, March
1987, Equipment grant, $70,150, Co-Director.

National Science Foundation (EPSCoR), “Interdisciplinary Research in AI
and Automation,” March 1986, $216,400 (86-88 Budget), Co-Director.

General Electric Appliance Park, “Advanced Assembly Automation
Research”, September 1985, $44,966, Co-Director.

Naval Ordnance Station-Louisville, “Software Analysis, Implementation
and Documentation of PHALANX System,” September 1985, $69,147, Director.

Naval Ordnance Station-Louisville, “NOSL Computer Aided Design.” July
1985, $60,395, Director.

Digital Equipment Company PEER Project Grant, an Ethernet Local Area
Network at the University of Louisville Speed Scientific School,
1984-1985, 180,000, Co-Director.

Naval Ordnance Station and University of Louisville Speed School
Engineering Support Task #9, 1984-1985, 17,000, Director.

PHALANX Computer System Study, Naval Ordnance Station, Louisville,
KY. (15,000) worked as an Investigator, 1983.

Management Analysis Study of Data Processing Functions at Naval
Ordnance Station, Louisville, KY. ($50,000) worked as Principle
Investigator, 1983.

Digital Equipment Corporation Special Equipment Grant Program, “GIGI
5-Pack”, (Co-Director), 1982. $50,000.