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Associate Professor
TECH 115E | (713) 313.7908
Curriculum Vitae

Education and Training

Ed.D., Urban/ITEC Education, 1988, Texas Southern University, Houston

M.S., Transportation Planning and Management, 1996

M.S., Industrial Technology, 1986. Texas Southern University, Houston,

*B.B.A., Cum Laude, Dean*=s List, Business Administration, 1980 Jones
College, Orlando, FL

A.A., Deans List, Liberal Arts, 1976. Kingsboro College, Brooklyn, NY

Technical Training

Elearning TEGRITY, 2004, Texas Southern University, Houston, TX

Elearning, 2003, University of Texas at Austin, TX

Estimating and Project Management, 2003, Las Vegas, NV

Small Contractors training, 2003, Swinerton Builders, Houston, TX

Project Management, 2002, Timberline, Portland, OR**

UNI-GRAPHIC S, 2000, Texas Southern University, Houston, TX**


GETTING STARTED WITH SAP R/3, 1999, College of Continuing Ed, TSU,
Houston, TX**

VENTURE DEVELOPER & MANAGER, 1999, CHS Development Co., Houston, TX**

UNI-GRAPHICS SOLUTIONS, 1999, San Jacinto Community College, Houston,

SOLID EDGE BASICS, 1999, Prairie View A & M University, Prairie View,


EDUCATORS TRAINING, 1994 Present (annually), Timberline Corp.,
Beaverton, OR**

AUTOCAD – AutoLISP, 1995, Houston Community College, Houston, TX**



MUNICIPAL INSPECTORS, 1993, Texas A & M, College Station, TX**

Civil Engineering Tech, 1994, San Jacinto Community College, Houston,

Architectural Blue Print Reading,

Structural Blue Print Reading, 1980, Mid-Florida Technical Institute,
Orlando, FL

Building Estimating, 1973

Architectural Drafting, 1972, Manhattan Technical Institute, New York,


Distance Education Delivery (DED)

Radiation Safety Officer (RSO)

Certified Senior Industrial Technologist (CSIT)

Texas Drug & Alcohol Driving Awareness (TeDADA)

Driver Training Instructor (DSI)

Competent Person: Excavation and Trench Safety

Dissertation title

/Effects of Coordinated Vocational Academic Education on Academic
Performance and Standardized Test Achievement of Urban Students/



Experience in curriculum development and teaching both on the undergraduate
and graduate levels; educational administration as assistant dean,
educational specialist, department chair, manager, distance education,
technology transfer/multi-media program offering. Project management;
including such major projects as EPCOT Center/Disney World with
responsibilities in estimating, scheduling, cost-control, coordinating,
personnel management and motivation, and labor relations and arbitration.


Stabilized declining enrollment in first year and brought about an increase
of 300% the second year; completed negotiations and established scholarship
program that grew to over $25,000.00 ; Integrated computer applications in
program with awards totaling over $2,400,000 from industry partners.
Authored early admission policy for university; assisted with negotiations
to establish high school within college walls; and was successful in
hosting national conferences in Houston. Lead author for university=s
distance learning plan; moved up from rank of Coordinator of program to
Department Chair in 15 months, and received coveted TEACHER OF THE YEAR
Award in thirty months. Member of University Curriculum Committee that
realigned program offerings and lead evaluator of program. Chaired
University Senate Budget Committee; faculty participation in technology
transfer increased by over 50% while serving as chair of University Faculty
Development and Sabbatical Committee and Educational Specialist. Recipient
of several awards from Faculty Development body to participate in
Specialized Training. Technical Education Consultant to University
College and Belize Technical Institute in Belize, Central America –
developed bachelors program offerings in Industrial Education for

Technical advisor to Governor’s Weatherization Program, Consultant to
local, private construction firm, and MHMRA, Houston. Pioneered Planning
Inspection in country and developed Building Inspection procedures. Land
Development Control Authority has been operating continuously ever since.
Coordinated staggering work hours for project employing over 10,000.
Production increased approximately 10% while door-to-door travel time was
reduced for workers. Scheduled projects, with more than 50 contractors at
EPCOT Center/Disney World, to ensure efficient coordination and
minimization of lost time. Brought all in on schedule. Overcame initial
resistance of some contractors to first minority Code Enforcement Officer
in Florida community. Initial complaints disappeared; cooperation ensued.


Energy Efficient Building Association (EEBA)

Southern Building Code Congress International (SBCCI)

American Institute of Building Designers (AIBD)

Texas Institute of Building Designers (TIBD)

Texas Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association (TEDSEA)

National Association of Industrial Technology (NAIT)

Institute of Transportation Engineers, Texas (TexITE)

North American Autodesk User Group (AUGI)

American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)

Professional organizations

National HBCU Faculty Development Network, Tougaloo, MS


Graduate Faculty, Texas Southern University, Houston, Texas

Graduate Faculty, Indiana State University, Indiana

American Institute of Building Design (AIBD

Texas Institute of Building Design (TIBD)

Texas Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association (TEDSEA)

Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE)

North American Autodesk User Group (AUGI)

Greater Houston Builder Association (GHBA)

Community organizations

Pathfinder Clubs of North America, Director

Sagemont Civic Association

Sagemont Homeowners

International Student Organization, Sponsor

International Programs Council


GHBA Playhouse Competition, 3^rd Place, 1996

GHBA Playhouse Competition, 1st Place 1995

Outstanding Instructor and Friend Award, 1995

Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award, 1991

Academic Scholar, 1985 – 1988

Outstanding Service to International Affairs, 1988

Outstanding Service to the Graduate Program, 1988

Outstanding Service to the Graduate Program, 1987

Certificate of Appreciation, Technology Education Association, Houston, TX


Current research involvement includes a study of the curriculum and
technology in the program. The study entitled “Technology Curriculum: An
Assessment” is redefining whether training received by students were
meeting the needs of industry, whether our students having difficulty in
perusing their careers in the field for which they were trained. Are they
able to compete both in industry and in furthering their education? What
programmatic changes need to be made to allow for greater flexibility with
newer and emerging technologies.

Materials in construction and the energy efficiency of buildings is also
one of my concerns. A few years ago I received funding to develop methods
and usage of formed steel in residential construction. Steel-framing was
used to conduct construction procedures and instruction/information in real
time. Project is on-going and an assessment is warranted to determine
outcomes and involvement. This interest covers the areas of quality,
performance, and productivity in education involving human and natural

Research Interests

Field 1, Field 2, Field 3

Research/Scholarly Activities


Recent Publications

Teaching Materials Developed

Lewis, J. Jonathan, Technical Writing: e-Learning Course Packet

Lewis, J. Jonathan and Elizabeth S. Hartwell, Guide to classroom

Lewis, J. Jonathan and Elizabeth S. Hartwell, Principles of Driver

Developed computer aided teaching materials which are now being used in
Construction Technology program.

Developed new courses for the undergraduate and graduate programs

Multi-media materials developed for program and school.


Lewis, J. Jonathan and Elizabeth S. Hartwell Guide to Classroom
Manuscript developed and used in classroom for ongoing
certification exercises (1994/2000).

Lewis, J. Jonathan and Elizabeth S. Hartwell Principles of Driver
. Manuscript developed and tested in classroom for ongoing
training exercises (1994/2000).

Lewis, J. Jonathan, Editor, The Foundation Program Newsletter, (1995 –

Wickliff, A. Martin, J. Jonathan Lewis, and Richard Carlson. Employee vs
Management: Discrimination in the Workplace
, Consultancy Report for
MHMRA, Houston. May 1993

Lewis, J. Jonathan and Perkins, Iris. 3 + 1: BTC and University College
of Belize,
Consultancy Report for the Belize Technical College (BTC) in
corporation with the Ministry of Education and USAID, Belize City, Belize

Lewis, J. Jonathan and Michael Price. Terticery Education: A Joint
Consultancy Report for the Commission on Education,
Government of Belize/USAID, Belize City, Belize >91

Technical Presentations

Jones, Dorothy L. R., M. Shelly Hunter, and J. Jonathan Lewis (2004),
/Teaching and Learning with Teachnology: Creating Successful
E-Portfolios,/ National HBCU Faculty Development Symposium, Miami, FL.

Lewis, J. Jonathan (2003) Community Development – Mental Health Summit

Rozman, Stephen L. and J. Jonathan Lewis (1998) Alcohol and Other Drug
Prevention at HBCU=s: Faculty Roles. The Higher Education Center on
Alcohol and other Drug Prevention Symposium, Baltimore, Maryland

Lewis, J. Jonathan, Jessie Silverglate, and Ellis (1997) Technology
Transfer, National HBCU Faculty Development Symposium, Memphis, TN.**

Lewis, J. Jonathan (1995) “Who’s Driving Whom?” Driver and Traffic Safety
Education Conference, Houston, Texas

Lewis, J. Jonathan and O=Neal, Van (1994) “Bill of Rights on the
Roadway.” Traffic Safety Conference, Houston, Texas

Lewis, J. Jonathan and Price, Michael (1991). Terticery Education: A
Joint Partnership. Commission on Education, Government of Belize/USAID,
Belize City, Belize



Fannie Mae Foundation Community Development Leadership Program (CDLP)**

SATOP Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program**

Texas Parks and Wildlife Urban Programs

Scheduling With Primavera, Primavera Systems (2000)

Project Estimating, Timberline (2000)

Project Management, Primavera, $4,500.00 (1999)

Estimating, Cost Accounting, and Management, Timberline (1999)

Expedition: Project Control, Primavera, $40,900.00 (1998)

Technology Systems – HISD, $9,000.00 (1998)

Cold-Formed Steel in Residential Construction, NAHB/AISI/RTI, $40,000.00

Project Scheduling (LAN Package), Primavera. (1996)

Perusing Excellence in Teaching: Multi-media Teaching/Learning. Office of
The Provost: Enhancing Teaching and Learning. $1,500 (1995)

Technology Curriculum: An Assessment. University Organized Research.
$3850.00 (1994)

Project Management and Scheduling, (Software Package), Primavera. $4,000.00

Program Computerization, Timberline Software Corporation, Oregon. $9,770.00

Design of Baccalaureate Program: Belize Technical College. Government of
Belize/USAID/TSU. $1,720.00 (1993)

A Study of the Feasibility of a Dual Degree Program with The University
College of Belize and the Belize Technical College. Government of
Belize/USAID/TSU. $1,720 (1991)