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Research Assistant
Transportation Studies
TECH 419 | (713) 313.7284


  • Masters of Science, Transportation Planning & Management, December 2010 Texas Southern University, Houston
  • B.S., Airway Science Management, December 2007 Texas Southern University, Houston


Latissha Clark is a Research Assistant at Texas Southern University in the National Transportation Security Center of Excellence. She has obtained her Bachelor of Science in Airway Science Management, and her Master’s of Science in Transportation Planning and Management. Latissha brings a comprehensive knowledge of a wide range of transportation research topics. This hand on development is derived from extensive graduate training at the Center for Transportation Training and Research (CTTR) at Texas Southern. Her multi-year research has focused on homeland security, policy, transit oriented development and geographical information systems. Latissha has implemented alternate project meeting techniques to improve work productivity while providing collaboration assistance to those who are not locally placed, including teleconferences and real-time video. Various job functions included: coordinate decisions on phasing and scheduling of projects; Analyzed and compiled data on various center projects; and developed, prototyped, and tested software interface for trainings. Latissha is currently a committee member of the Aviation Security and Emergency Management Committee at the Transportation Research Board. Clark has worked on the Petrochemical Incident Location System (PILS) it is designed as an interoperable system that will be available to first responders all over the country. It allows stakeholders to acquire information as to the occurrence of incidents involving hazardous materials. This program incorporates Geographic Information Systems (GIS), thus facilitating companies and agencies as they visualize and monitor the incidents. This system allows users to query, analyze and display petrochemical incidents on a base map.

Publications, Oral and Poster Presentations

  • Proposing Transportation Designs and Concepts to Make Houston METRO’s Southeast Line at the Palm Center Area more Walkable, Bikeable, and Livable, Khosro Godazi, Latissha Clark, and Vincent Hassell, Texas Southern University, December 2015, 27 pp. (600451-00048-1)
  • Stamber, K.L., Ehlen, M.A., Pepple, M., Welk, M.E., Deng, H., Lewis, C.A., Clark, L., Bryant, J.R. and Jasek, D. (2013) ‘Comparative Analysis of the Transportation of Select Petrochemicals’, Int. J. Critical Infrastructures, Vol. 9, No. 3, pp.226–242.
  • Analysis of Hazardous Material Incidents in the Gulf Coast Region: A Case Study on Houston Texas. Transportation Research Forum Annual Conference – Long Beach CA – 2011 (Oral)
  • Analysis of Hazardous Material Incidents in the Gulf Coast Region: A Case Study on Houston Texas. Department of Homeland Security University Summit, – Washington D.C. – 2011 (Oral)
  • Panelist, Women’s Bureau at the Department of Labor “Women Working Together: Writing the Next Chapter of HerSTORY” – Houston, TX- 2010 (Oral)
  • Petrochemical Incident Location System (PILS)/NTSCOE—P .Congressman Al Green and Bennie Thompson. Houston, TX (Oral)
  • Transportation Studies/ Petrochemical Incident Location System (PILS). Secretary of the Department of Transportation, Ray Lahood. Texas Southern University. Houston, TX – 2009 (Oral and Poster)

Research Interests


Enhanced Threat and Risk Assessment Certificate 2014 • Threat & Risk Assessment Certificate 2013 • Hazardous Material Shipper Training 2010 •Sports and Special Events Evacuation Certificate 2014 • NIMS ICS-100 • Critical Infrastructure Key Resources Awareness Certificate • Advance Critical Infrastructure Protection 2015 • Master Certificate Infrastructure Protection 2015


Transportation Research Board Aviation Security and Emergency Management Committee