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METRO and COSET Plan Expanded  Relationship


The chief executives of the Metropolitan Transit Authority met with the leadership of the College of Science, Engineering and Technology to set the framework for joint activities. Metro CEO Thomas Lambert, Executive Vice President Dr. Terence Fontaine, Government Affairs Representative Jose Pulido, and Vice President for Human Resources Karen Kauffman met with Dean Lei Yu, Interim Associate Dean Oscar Criner, Transportation Studies Chair Dr. Yi Qi, Engineering Chair David Olowokere and Center for Transportation Research and Training Director Carol Lewis. The capability of COSET in the transportation area was recognized as a resource that could be of benefit to Metro in achieving some of the objectives for services to the community.

Metro is moving to add new features in its portfolio of services, which are state-of-the-art and will require contemporary or new technologies to create and implement. COSET has a long history in computing, information technology, and transportation studies and with the addition of its new programs in civil and electrical and computer engineering, COSET has now expanded capabilities that point to new areas of activity that are applicable to the interests of METRO. COSET’s large investment in transportation can now be focused on the transportation problems of the Houston area with the collaboration with METRO. It is hoped that other institutional stakeholders can join our partnership to achieve system wide impact.