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COST Dominated 2012 TSU Faculty Excellence Awards

 The 2011-2012 academic year will be memorized by the College of Science and Technology family as it dominated the 2012 TSU Faculty Excellence Awards.  On April 11, 2012, President John Rudley presented 4 out of 5 university Faculty Excellence Awards to the faculty members of the COST.  Thanks go to all the hard work faculty of our college.

Dr. Xuemin Chen from the department of Engineering Technologies was presented with the Faculty Award of Excellence for Mentoring Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities. Dr. Chen’s passion for excellence and unwavering will for success did not go unnoticed, and his hard work and dedication in mentoring undergraduate research paid off.

This year’s Scholarly Research/Creative Activities Award was given to Dr. Wei Wayne Li, from the Computer Science Department.  As the PI of the Center of Research Excellence in Science and Technology (CREST) newly awarded by the NSF in the amount of $4,887,004 over five years, Dr Li is unmistakably deserving of this award and recognition.

The Provost’s Department of the Year Award was presented to the Department of Transportation Studies, headed by Dr. Yi Qi, due to the magnitude of its department’s exemplary faculty and coruscating students, and their brilliant accomplishments over the years.

“Such a great honor to be the recipient of a presidential award.. These were the words of this year’s Presidential Achievement Medal, Dr. Bobby L. Wilson, from the Chemistry department. His undisputed accomplishments, service and dedication within his department emanates high standards grand enough to be seen and recognized as extraordinary by the President himself. Such an achievement is an inspiration for all to reach toward the stars and greatness will be at our feet.