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TSU COST Receives $600,000 Research Grant


The College of Science and Technology (COST) at Texas Southern University has received a research grant for $600,000.00 ($200,000 per year for three years) from the National Aronotics and Space Administration (NASA) for a NASA Science and Technology Institute Research Program. The COST recipients are Dr. David Olowokere (Engineering Technology), and Dr. Alamelu Sundaresan (Biology). The two professors will perform research studies on structural failure analysis for spacecraft pressure vessels, and toxicity of microorganisms in space shuttles. Dr. Sundaresan’s research is on: ” Development of technologies for elucidation and mitigation of bone loss in microgravity, osteoporosois and inflammatory models.” Dr. Olowokere will work closely with researchers at the NASA Center in Huntsville, Alabama, while Dr. Sundaresan will work with her research allies at NASA Johnson Space center, in Houston.