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2011 Houston National Summer Transportation Institute (HNSTI) Graduation

Houston National Summer Transportation Institute (HNSTI) at Texas Southern University celebrated its 10th graduation ceremony in the Student Center of Texas Southern University. 

This HNSTI program is based on the program design developed through the Center for Transportation Training and Research (CTTR). The goal is to create an education and training delivery system that will attract secondary students to and enhance their interest in careers in transportation; improve mathematics, science communication and technology skills; and through creative partnerships, strengthen the links between the transportation sector and public/private institutions. Through the course of this program all modes of transportation are addressed and augmented with hands-on technical activities, lecture by transportation professionals and field trips to such places as NASA, Houston Galveston Area Council (HGAC), Port of Houston, and Houston METRO.

Although more than seventy five applicants applied this year twenty outstanding students from Houston and surrounding area were selected. All of the students participated in the three week program that began on June 13th. More than one hundred attended the closing ceremony.

The program started with prayer by Mr. Ronald Goodwin program coordinator with National Anthem by one of the HNSTI students. Lunch followed. Mr. Khosro Godazi, Director of HNSTI welcomed the parents, visitors, and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) guests. Dr. Lei Yu, Dean of College of Science, brought greetings from the college and university and shared the importance of this program for the students, Dr. Carol Lewis, Director of CTTR, greeted the students, parents and guest speakers who participated in the program. She stressed the duration of the program and gave examples of success. Mr. Godazi gave an overview of HNSTI, and then asked each group mentor to introduce their students and presentation. Visitors were impressed by each of the student’s presentations and accomplishments.

This year’s HNSTI program introduced three guest speakers. Mr. Mark Arrington, FHWA, Austin Division; Ms. Shundreka Givan, FHWA, Austin Division, who shared the importance of the program and life experiences. Mr. Henry C. Murdaugh, FHWA, Washington D.C., who spoke about the Dwight Eisenhower Scholarship and how each student could benefit from the program;  Mr. Dave Tovar (TxDOT), Austin, explained the quality of the program and how important each student is to this program. 

In conclusion a certificate and check for $250.00 were given to each student; this activity was followed by a group picture.

Mr. Godazi thanks all HNSTI staff:
Ms. Betty Davis, Coordinator
Mr. Ronald Goodwin, Coordinator
Ms. Alex Miller, Mentor (Alumni of HNSTI, Class of 2007)
Mr. Kandon Eakins, Mentor (Alumni of HNSTI Class of 2007)
Mr. Barry Horn, Mentor

HNSTI couldn’t succeed without the strong support from Director of CTTR, Dr. Lewis and TSU faculty: Dr. Mark Sherman, Dr. Charles Glasss, and Mr. Vernon Baker. 

HNSTI has been a huge success in the Texas.