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COST 2011 Awards Ceremony and Boot Scoot’n Fest


The College Of Science and Technology hosted its annual Awards Ceremony and End of the Year Celebration on April 29, 2011, 12:00-3:30 pm at the New Science Building Atrium and Grounds.  We were entertained with music provided by DJ Bluetooth, Christopher Edmund.  The orchestral renditions of “Music for the Royal Fireworks” by George Frideric Handel and an old familiar hymn, “Amazing Grace by John Newton were performed by the Texas Southern University orchestra director, Professor Anne Lundy, and student, Chanel Oji.

Awards presented to COST students, faculty, and staff were College Excellence Award, Dean’s Leadership AwardOutstanding Student Award, and Student Scholarship Recognitions. Students were also recognized for serving on the Dean’s Advisory Council and as College Student Ambassadors. Finally, Special Recognition of Faculty and Staff was given to all who participated in the college’s very successful annual Campaign Fund drive held by the University. The COST received a special Architectural Floors Book Voucher award for its outstanding participation and contributions.

Following a delectable lunch there were board games, outdoor activities, and line dancing.  Yeeee Haawww!  Students, Faculty, and Staff   had a Boot Scoot’n good time at the annual Awards Ceremony and End of the year Celebration.

Recipients of College Excellence Awards:

  • Distinguished Undergraduate Advising Award: Dr. Xuemin Chen
  • Distinguished Research Award: Dr. Daniel Bessis
  • Distinguished Service Award: Dr. Aladdin Sleem
  • Distinguished Staff Award: Mr. Baqui Abdullah
  • Distinguished Student Award: Mr. Sovandara Chea

Recipients of Dean’s Leadership Awards:

  • Aladdin Sleem, Annual Report
  • Alamelu Sundaresan, Annual Report
  • Christopher J. Tymczak, Technology Development
  • Desiree Jackson, Student Engagement
  • Bobby Wilson, LSAMP
  • David Olowokere, Department Development
  • Hector Miranda, Website
  • Shishir Shishodia, Newsletter
  • Dolly Spencer, Homecoming
  • Paula Eakins, Homecoming
  • Research Committee
    • Chair: Wei Li
    • Members: Fawzia Abdelrahman, Xuemin Chen, Kiran Chilakamarri, Lila Ghemri, Nancy Glenn, M. Farrukh Khan, Edward Osakue, Tuan Phan, Yi Qi, Jason Rosenzweig, Shishir Shishodia, Christopher J. Tymczak, Xin Wei


Recipients of Outstanding Student Awards

  • Aviation Science and Technology: Kadijah Hall –Undergraduate
  • Biology: Emmanuel Obi – Undergraduate; Anita Lewis – Graduate
  • Chemistry: Kiara Taylor – Undergraduate; Jun Wen – Graduate
  • Computer Science: Narada Rason Walker –Undergraduate; Isidro Cervantes – Graduate
  • Engineering Technology: Anthony Victorian – Undergraduate 
  • Environmental Science and Technology: Shaunte N. Hulett – Graduate
  • Industrial Technology: Jermaine Potts – Undergraduate; Devaughn Robinson – Graduate
  • Mathematics: Andre White –Undergraduate; George Kwakuyi – Graduate
  • Physics: Samantha Everett – Undergraduate
  • Transportation Studies: Dexter Khan – Undergraduate; Sara Land – Graduate

Student Scholarship Recipients:
Joseph Flowers’ Scholarship:

  • Tierra Johnson, Chemistry
  • Jude Ugiomoh, Computer Science
  • Kimberly Gilkes, Biology

COST Faculty and Staff Scholarship

  • Gloria Okome, Environmental Toxicology
  • Elo Chukwuma, Electronics Engineering Technology
  • Pamela Mbonu, Chemistry
  • Victoria Kogambi, Biology
  • Aqeeb Sabree, Mathematics
  • Shaunte’ Hulett-Adbin, Environmental Toxicology
  • Durodola Aisha, Electronics Engineering Technology
  • Nagaq Naidu, Environmental Toxicology
  • Kim Smith, Biology

Dean’s Student Advisory Council

  • Aviation Science and Technology: Bennett Abraham
  • Biology: Emmanuel Obi, Olusegun Ogunniyi
  • Chemistry: Cedric Kouamou
  • Computer Science: Alicia Simmons
  • Engineering Technology: Chelsea Hoover, Anthony Victorian
  • Environmental Science and Technology: Bita Iranmadar-Maki
  • Industrial Technology: Jermaine Potts
  • Mathematics: Andre White
  • Physics: Landra Williams
  • Transportation Studies: Dexter Khan
  • Transportation Studies: Yubian Wang

College Student Ambassadors

  • Aviation Science and Technology: De’Carla Greaves, Juby Kuruvilla
  • Biology: Kimberly Gilkes, Onyi Denzel Duruji, Tram Cao
  • Chemistry: Nathaniel Carter, Cedric Kouamou
  • Computer Science: Alicia Simmons, James Leslie
  • Engineering Technology: Marcia Robin, Anthony Victorain
  • Environmental Science and Technology: Shaunte’ Abdin Hulett
  • Industrial Technology: Kedrick Lyons
  • Mathematics: Andre White, Aqeeb Sabree
  • Physics: Samantha Everett, John Metyko
  • Transportation Studies: Damien Leday, Abjilash Kuman, Yasamin Salehi