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Two new Visiting Professors hired at TSU Physics Department

The Texas Southern Department of Physics announced the hiring of two new visiting physics professors,Dr. Elena Stefanova and Dr. Y. LeeDr. Elena Stefanova is a nuclear physicist from Bulgaria. She recieved here Ph.D from Rugars.  Dr. Y. Lee research field is theoretical physics, with particular interest in quantum fields and computational aspect of in statistical mechanics (condensed matter physics). Dr. Lee’s major current interests are concentrated on the foundations of quantum mechanics, quantum field theory, string theory, and black hole theory.Dr. Lee is using the minimum uncertainty (μ) wavelet model and harmonic oscillator model as tools to explore them. Using the minimum uncertainty wavelet model (which is a constrained minimization solution of 

Heisenberg uncertainty) Dr. lee is exploring the SUSY quantum mechanics, coherent state theory and string theory. Initially, my aim is to compare μ wavelets to more traditional quantum field theoretic approaches. Dr. Lee recived BS and MS degree from the University of Yonsei, South Korea Seoul in 1975 and 1981 on the study of 2+1 dimensional Yang- Mill theory. Dr. Lee then recieved his Ph.D. degree frm the Univsersity of Houston, Houston Texas on the study of minoum uncertainty wavelets in SUSY Quantum Mechanics.