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Computer Aided Design Lab I


TECH 158

Students enrolled in classes in this lab will be exposed to advanced technical graphics. The laboratory is equipped with the latest high-tech graphics producing computers, plotters, and printers. These computers are loaded with the latest 2D and 3D graphics software packages such as:

  • Unigraphics NX
  • Solid Edge
  • AutoCAD

Students will be trained in CAD courses ranging from beginner to advanced in architectural, mechanical, and engineering Design. Students will be exposed to descriptive geometry applications such as folding line relationships and notations, angles between plane revolutions and intersections. Students will also learn to develop working drawings for residential and light commercial buildings along with space planning and design in buildings with code requirements. Also, students will be exposed to solid modeling of mechanical and electrical/electronic components and assemblies. In addition,
students will be required to produce and maintain portfolios of their completed work for Departmental presentations and prospective job interviews.
Graduates receiving training in this laboratory will be equipped with not only application skills but management-oriented technical skills required in the design industry. Students will acquire
problem-solving skills and develop teamwork attributes in completing graphic problems. In addition, graduates in the design program are expected to seek job opportunities such as: CAD Section Leader, Project Lead Designer, and Technical Illustrator in a high-tech manufacturing environment. Student work portfolios will greatly enhance employment opportunities for design graduates.
The equipment and software available in the computer-aided design laboratory will provide students conducting research to enhance presentations requiring quality graphics. Materials such as book illustrations, product brochures, 2D and 3D architectural and engineering graphics can be produced in this laboratory.

Computer Aided Design class