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Integrated Development Environment Lab


TECH 330

The Integrated Development Environment (IDE)Lab is designed to teach students how real- world problems can be solved using computer programming languages. Concepts and techniques covered include:

Data Representation and Number Systems Basic Components of Computer Systems Problem Solving Strategies

  • Algorithms and Pseudo Code
  • Introduction to Programming Languages
  • Introduction to Operating systems
  • JAVA programming language
  • Object oriented programming methodologies using C++, JFLAP, Ruby-rail, Phytom, SWI- Prolog, Keil

The IDE Lab will provide an environment that allows developers to gain awareness of each others activities within the collaborative software development space. The purpose of Collide is to allow software developers/collaborators a view of highly compact visualizations of each others actions on the source code artifacts which they are working on. Some possible applications of Collide include any software development project made up of two or more developers although we do not have to limit the scope to more than one developer as a fair bit of the information provided by Collide would be useful to single developer projects as well.

The mission of this IDE Lab is to explore, design, develop, and study reliable, scalable, self- managing systems. We have two goals: to engage in fundamental research that improves the state-of-the-art in IDE systems design; and to help IT professionals build and deploy compelling networking concepts. Research can span mobile and wireless networks; wide area internet systems and protocols; datacenter, enterprise, and home networks, network monitoring, inference, and diagnosis, and network performance improvements and analysis.