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Driving Simulation Lab


TECH 255

Driving simulator

The Driving Simulation Lab has a state-of-the-art motion capable high-fidelity driving simulator. The visual display consists of 3 large screens with 135-degree wide-angle field of view. In addition, auditory feedback is provided through stereo components. A motion – platform provides initial cues in the form of pitch and longitudinal motion. A validated vehicle dynamics program governs the behavior of the vehicles in the simulation. All of these provide a true-to-life, scientifically validated driving experience.

Students operating the simulator

Students will have comprehensive training on various aspects including the design and creation of testing scenarios and the design of posterior questionnaires. Students will be well equipped with skills such as experimental design, computer programming, software application, questionnaire administration, roadway design, and traffic signal timing. With this training, students will be equipped with practical experiences in traffic operations, transportation safety, intelligent transportation
systems and technology, and even transportation psychology. Students will have better and broader job opportunities in transportation management centers (e.g. Houston TranStar), metropolitan planning organizations (e.g. Houston-Galveston Area Council), and various private companies and government agencies. The driving simulator is a very powerful tool for conducting advanced transportation research including:

Software for traffic analysis

  • Assessment of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) concepts
  • Driver preference and acceptance research
  • Accident analysis and development of crash avoidance counter-measures
  • Design and evaluation of automotive products and technologies

It has been, and will continue to be an essential research asset to enhance research productivity and funding opportunities for TSU.