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Hybrid Quantum Architectures and Networks Summer 2022 Internship Program at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


Are you interested in a real-world internship to gain more experience in the growing quantum ecosystem? 

Today’s quantum devices feature qubit hardware and control systems that have been refined over two decades, but scaling to many qubits and integrating with classical technologies remains incredibly difficult. From a theoretical perspective, there are many open problems in algorithms, applications, and software design. Overcoming the challenges to realize the full promise of quantum information science and engineering requires perspectives from computer science, physics, materials science, electrical engineering, mathematics, and more.

Internships in industry or government research labs are an opportunity for students to apply their skills in a new setting and build their network in this exciting area. Check out some of the internship opportunities listed below. 

  1. AFRL
  2. Aliro Quantum
  3. Cold Quanta
  4. Toptica Photonics
  5. Vescent Photonics
  6. Xanadu Quantum Technologies

 Deadlines vary depending on the opportunity. If you are interested in connecting with an industry, share your information HERE and contact Bhavna Hirani ( with a resume. If you choose to apply directly to the company please share your experience.