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Dr. Sundaresan and Ms. Chaganti receive TSU Scholarly Awards

Dr. Alamelu Sundaresan, Professor of Biology

Dr. Alamelu Sundaresan is the recipient of the Scholarly Research and Creativity award at the University for 2018-2019. She presently works as Professor in the Department of Biology (COSET, Texas Southern University. Dr. Sundaresan holds more than 50 peer reviewed publications, and three patents for growing human bone outside of the body. Dr. Sundaresan directs the Osteoimmunology and Integrative Physiology laboratory at TSU. She also works with nutritional supplements in human cells and animals to study their ability to enhance the immune system and prevent neurodegeneration. A second role takes the PI, Dr. Sundaresan to the University Of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Medical School once a week, where she is an Assistant Professor of Surgery involved with inflammation, toxic and immune response. A third role for this whirlwind Professor is Visiting Scientist at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. Her space research focuses on study of human immunology in adverse environments, and what happens when the immune system is compromised such as in cancers, microgravity and auto immune conditions. She is and has been funded by the National Science Foundation, NASA, Pharmaceutical Industry and the NIH. She has had many spaceflight experiments on the ISS, radio and television appearances and is a dramatist.

Maitrey Chaganti, M.S. Biology

Ms. Maitreyi Chaganti recipient of the 2018-2019, Outstanding Graduate Thesis award at TSU , has completed a very elegant Masters’ thesis in Environmental Toxicology  under the supervision of Dr.Alamelu Sundaresan.. Her area of research covers two key aspects of health and environmental issues namely immune suppression (in space and on earth) and neurodegeneration. It explores both these problems in a systematic fashion and suggests ameliorating strategies with laboratory evidence. This work will be presented at the International Conference of Integrative Medicine in Sapporo Japan, in July 2019 and in the European Low Gravity conference in Spain in September 2019. She is already co-author in a peer reviewed tier 1 Neurology journal and will be first author of another publication to be submitted. Ms. Chaganti aspires to be in Pharmaceutical research.