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Summer Undergraduate Research Experience

Texas Southern University’s NSF funded Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) Program is now accepting applications to join a dynamic research team to develop your research skills toward future careers and graduate school.


in Microbiology, Environmental Science, Biology, Environmental Chemistry, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing, Environmental Engineering.


10 Week Summer Program: May 29 to Aug 4, 2017 $5,000 Stipend
SURE Positions Available: 5

To apply, please send an application letter, curriculum vitae, unofficial copies of transcripts and contact information of three references to Dr. Maruthi Sridhar B.Bhaskar at Applications will be accepted until March 5, 2017 or a suitable candidate is selected. Review of applications will begin on March 10, 2017 and will continue until the positions are filled. For more information contact:; Phone: (713) 313-1388.

Please download the flyer here

Yakubu, Momoh

Education and Training

  • 1979-1982 B.Sc. Honors,University ofIbadan,Nigeria(Pharmacology
    and Therapeutics)
  • 1988-1989 Postgraduate Certificate,StowCollege, Glasgow
  • 1986-1989 Ph.D,University of Glasgow,Scotland. (Materia Medica/


  • 1989 -1990 Postdoctoral Training, University Dept of Medicine &
    Therapeutics, Glasgow. (Prof John L. Reid)
  • 1990 -1992 Postdoctoral Associate,MichiganStateUniversityDept of
    Molecular Microbiology.Lansing. (Prof Felipe Kierszenbaum)..
  • 1992 -1994 NIH Postdoctoral Fellow,UniversityofTennessee, Dept of
    Physiology,Memphis. (Prof Charles W. Leffler).

NSF Panelist 2013 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) Bridges Faculty to the Professoriate: Institute on Teaching and Mentoring (Compact Faculty diversity/SREB) 2012 Admitted Member: Mission Connect-The Institute for Rehabilitation and
Research (TIRR) 2011

TSU Faculty Excellence Award April 2011
Co-Chair, Vasospasm Signal Transduction Session: 10th International
Conference on Cerebral Vasospasm, Chongqing, China, October 8-12, 2009.
First Place: Best Oral Presenter, TSU Research Week 2009.
Chair and moderator: NHLBI 11th Annual Cardiovascular Research Awardees session Nov. 2003 (Orlando, FL)
NIH AREA award 2002-2006
Editor: BioMed Scientist 2002-
NIH: Scientist Award Co-PI 2001-
AHA (SE-Affiliate) Grant-In-Aid 2000-2003
NIH Research award 1996-2000
AHA (TN Affiliate) Grant-In-Aid 1996-1998
University of Tennessee Medical Group Research Award 1995-1996
Univ. TN, Memphis Award for Outstanding Services to the Science Enrichment Program 1992-1997.
NIH Postdoctoral Fellow, 1990-1992
British Medical Research Council Postdoctoral Research Assistantship, 1989-1990
The University of Maiduguri Study Fellowship, 1985-1989
Benue State Government Scholarship, 1979-1982

Research Interests

Field 1: Environmental Toxicants and Toxicology
Field 2: Vascular and Cerebrovascular Diseases: Diabetes, Hypertension, Stroke, Brain Injury
Field 3: Drug Development and Alternative Medicine: Synthesis and Evaluation of Metal complexes and Herbal Plants for Biological Activities

Research/Scholarly Activities


  1.  Synthesis and evaluation of metal complexes with thiourea/aromatic N-ligands as anticancer agents
  2.  Molecular consequences of exposure to complex chemical mixtures
  3.  Profiling and analysis of emerging contaminants in Houston drinking water sources.
  4.  Analysis of herbal/ medicinal plants and their potential in alternative medicine and therapeutic
  5.  Investigation of molecular targets for stroke treatments and cerebrovascular dysfunction
  6.  Integrated analysis of exposure to single and multiple pesticides
  7.  Environmental forensic: An integrated environmental research


Research Articles

Yakubu, MA, Sofola, OA, Igbo, I, nd Adebayo, AO. Streptozotocin-induced diabetes attenuates cAMP, nitric oxide synthase, and bradykinin-mediated relaxations. Bratislava Medical Journal 113, 2, 59-63, 2012; doi:10.4149/BLL_2012_014

Yakubu, MA, Anozie O, Nsaif, RH and Oyekan AO. Differential effects of tyrosine kinase protein kinase C on acute subarachnoid hemorrhage-induced changes in cerebral hemodynamics in rats. Brain Research (In review)

Yakubu, MA, Nsaif, RH and Oyekan AO. Regulation of PPAR expression and NO production in cerebrovascular endothelial cells by PKC. International Journal of Biomedical Sciences and Clinical Medicine (Bratislava Medical Journal) 2010; 111 (5), 258-264.

Anozie O, Ross R, Oyekan OA, Yakubu, MA. Differential modulation of bradykinin-induced relaxation of endothelin-1 and phenylephrine contractions of rat aorta by reactive oxygen species. Acta Pharmacologia Sinica. 2007; 28(10): 1566-1572.doi: 10.1111/j.1745-7254.2007.00631.x

Yakubu, MA, Nsaif, RH and Oyekan, OA. PPARI^+- activation-mediated regulation of ET-1 production via nitric oxide and protein kinase C signaling pathways in piglet cerebral microvascular endothelial cell culture. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2007, 14; 320(2):774-81; 2006 Nov 14; DOI: 10.1124/jpet.106.104992

SELECTED Abstracts:

  1. 1. Yakubu MA, Omobowale TO, Oyagbemi AA. Adedapo AA. (2016) Azadirachta Indica Ameliorates Ischemia/Reperfusion- and Hypertension-Induced Cardio-Renal Dysfunctions Mediated by Oxidative Stress. BIT’s 6th Annual International Congress of Medichem-2016 Theme: Efficient Creators of Future Therapy, Nanjing, China, November 16-19, 2016.
  2.  Yakubu MA. (2016) The paradox of environmental poisonous gases: From environmental rotten egg hydrogen sulfide to gaso-therapeutics at the bedside. 13th International Symposium on Recent Advances in Environmental Health Research to be hosted by Jackson State University, September 11-14, 2016 at the Jackson Marriott Hotel in Jackson, Mississippi
  3.  Yakubu MA, Brinkley NS, and Bessac B. (2016) Lindane (g-Hexachlororcclohexane) Exposure Impairs Ca2+-Mediated Vascular Reactivity. 13th International Symposium on Recent Advances in Environmental Health Research to be hosted by Jackson State University, September 11-14, 2016 at the Jackson Marriott Hotel in Jackson, Mississippi.
  4.  Adedapo, AA, Oyagbemi AA, Fagbohun OA, Omobowale TO, Yakubu MA (2016). Evaluation of the anticancer properties of the methanol leaf extract of Chromolaena odorata on HT29 lung cancer cell line. FASEB J April 2016 30:1193.6
  5.  Oyagbemi A., Omobowale T., Olowu, ER., Adedapo A., Oyekan AO., and Yakubu MA (2016) Kolaviron attenuated arsenic acid-induced cardiovascular dysfunction by enhancing antioxidant defense system and inhibiting inflammatory and apoptotic signaling pathways FASEB J April 2016 30:939.5

Research Grants

FUNDED Grants:

AFSCAN Research Award (UK) Molecular Characterization of Canine Parvovirus-2 Viruses Circulating in Dogs in Nigeria $9,045 (2016-2018): PI: Omóbòwálé TO, (University of Ibadan College of Veterinary Medicine, Collaborator/Mentee); Co-PI: Yakubu, MA.
IIE Grantee ID: 15410197: Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship $25,650 (2014-2015): PI: Yakubu MA.
5R25HL003674-08: NIH: TSU Research Scientist Award: $3,975,708 (2001-2013) Co-PI: Yakubu MA.
1R15HL70669-01: NIH: Regulation of Cerebral Microvascular endothelin production (2002-2008). $180,802 PI: Yakubu, MA.
AHA (SE-Affiliate) Grant-In-Aid: Mechanisms of Inhibition of endothelial cyclooxygenase by blood hemolysates, $120,000 (2000-2002) PI: Yakubu, MA.
NIH Supplementary Award. Regulation of Cerebral Microcirculation. $250,000 (1996-2000) Awardee: Yakubu, MA,

FASEB/MARC: Grant writing Seminar/Workshop Award at Orlando, FL. ($1,900) Aug. 1999.
AHA (TN Affiliate) Grant-In-Aid. Roles of ET-1 and LPA in hematoma-induced changes in cere­bral microcirculation. $50,000 (1996-1998) PI: Yakubu, MA
University of Tennessee Medical Group Research Award. Hematoma and cerebral vasoreactivity: Role of endothelin-1. $12,450, (1995-1999) PI: Yakubu, MA


Uba, Humphreys

Research Interests

Shishodia, Shishir

Education and Training

  • BS Biology (Zoology Honors), 1991, St. Xaviers College, Ranchi University, Ranchi, India
  • MS Zoology (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), 1993, Center for Advanced Studies in Zoology, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India
  • Ph. D Biotechnology, 1997, School of Biotechnology, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India
  • Dissertation Title: In Vitro Activation of Murine Bone Marrow-Derived Macrophages: Role of Signal Transduction
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2001-2005, Department of Bio-immunotherapy/Experimental Therapeutics, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas


Shishir Shishodia, PhD is a Professor of Biology at Texas Southern University. He earned his PhD in Biotechnology from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India, and did his postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. His research interests include cytokine signaling, the role of transcription factors in tumorigenesis, and modulation of transcription by natural products. He has identified several natural compounds that exhibit anticancer properties and has published over 60 peer-reviewed papers, 10 book chapters, and co-edited the books /Resveratrol in Health and Disease and The Molecular Targets and Therapeutic Uses of Curcumin in Health and Disease/. Dr. Shishodia is a recipient of the BHU Medal for securing highest grades in MS Zoology Program at Banaras Hindu University, India. He received the Theodore N. Law Odyssey Special Fellow Award for outstanding scientific achievements at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas and the Texas Southern University Scholarly Research/Creative Activities Excellence Award. At The College of Science and Technology, Texas Southern University, he was awarded the Distinguished Research Award, Distinguished Service Award and multiple Deans Leadership Awards.

Research Interests

Hwang, Hyun-Min

Education and Training

    • Ph.D. Environmental Chemistry/Oceanography (19962001), Texas A&M University, College Station, TX (Dissertation: Lysosomal responses to environmental contaminants in bivalves)
  • M.S. Environmental Chemistry/Earth and Marine Sciences (19931995),Hanyang University, Korea (Thesis: Distribution and environmental fate of organotins in mussels, oysters, and sediments from Chinhae Bay, Korea)
  • B.S. Earth and Marine Sciences (19871993), Hanyang University, Korea (Graduation Research Project: Nutrients in river water before and after precipitation)

Research Interests

Recent Publications (out of a total of xxx)

  1. Hwang H-M, BL Buchholz, TM Young, JA Pederson. (2013) Assessment of the contribution of modern carbon sources to size-resolved atmospheric particulate matter and time-resolved bulk PM10 using measurement of radiocarbons and molecular markers. Science of the Total Environment (Submitted).
  2. Hwang H-M, B Stanton, T McBride, MJ Anderson. (2013) PAH body residues and lysosomal membrane destabilization in mussels impacted by Dubai Star bunker fuel spill in San Francisco Bay. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (Submitted).
  3. Hwang H-M, RS Carr, GN Cherr, PG Green, ED Grosholtz, L Judah, SG Morgan, S Ogle, VK Rashbrook, WL Rose, SJ Teh, C Vine, SL Anderson. (2013) Sediment quality assessment in tidal salt marshes in northern California: an evaluation of multiple lines of evidence approach. Science of the Total Environment 454-455:189-198.
  4. Buchholz BA, P Zermeno, H-M Hwang, TM Young. (2010) Measuring radiocarbon in submicron size fractionated particulate matter on aluminum impact disks. Radiocarbon 52:278- 285.
  5. Kayhanian M, A Vichare, PG Green, C Alaimo, H-M Hwang, J Signore, M Troxler, D Jones, J Harvey. (2010) Water quality evaluation of leachate produced from pavement speciemens under controlled laboratory conditions. Road Materials and Pavement Design 11:9-28.


  1. S Bhandari, J Seo, H-M Hwang, D Bennett, I Hertz-Picciotto (2012) High molecular weight PAHs (MW 252 to 302) in indoor dust. Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 33rd Annual Meeting.
  2. H-M Hwang, B Stanton, T McBride, MJ Anderson (2011) PAH body residues and lysosomal membrane destabilization in mussels impacted by T/V Dubai Star oil spill. Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 32nd Annual Meeting.
  3. H-M Hwang, HS-Kim, PG Green, TY Young (2011) Trace metals in biosolids and biosolid amended soils in dairy farm land. Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 32nd Annual Meeting.
  4. H-M Hwang, HS Kim. (2011) Solid-Solid and Solid-Air-Solid partitioning of phthalates in the indoor environment. Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 32nd Annual Meeting.
  5. H-M Hwang, S-G Lee (2011) Environmental fate of glyphosate in broom-infested Mt. Tamalpais soil. Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 32nd Annual Meeting.


Evaluation of alternative abrasives and road sweeping/vacuuming as source control BMPs for load reduction of fine sediment particles and particle associated phosphorus in urban roadway stormwater (PI, $277,060 from US Department of Agriculture Forest Service; 2011 2013)

Assessment of the impacts of biosolid application on groundwater and soil quality and bioaccumulation of constituents of concern in pasture grass (Co-PI, $85,000 from Solano County, CA; 2010 2011)

Endocrine disrupting chemicals in indoor dust (Subcontract, $310,000 from NIH; 20092011)

Environmental decay of glyphosate in broom-infested Mt. Tamalpais soils and its transport through stormwater runoff and soil column infiltration (PI, $49,997 from Marin Municipal Water District, CA; 2009 2010)

Source identification of fine sediments, N, and P in highway stormwater runoff in the Lake Tahoe Basin (Co-PI, $553,000 California Department of Transportation; 20082011)

Organic contaminants in steelhead from the Columbia River (Subcontract, $55,000 from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; 20082009)

Assessment of the contribution of contemporary carbon sources to size-resolved and timeresolved atmospheric particulate matter in Sacramento, California (PI, $100,000 from California Air Resources Board; 20072008)

Removal of dissolved trace metals in stormwater runoff using low-cost adsorbents (Co-PI, $120,000 from California Department of Transportation; 2005 2006)

Source identification for particulate matter and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in stormwater runoff using radiocarbon (Subcontract, $50,000 from California Department of Transportation; 2005 2007)

Identification of wastewater input to Clear Lake, California, by measuring caffeine (Subcontract, $5,000 Clear Lake County; 20052006)

Organic contaminants in tidal salt marsh in California and sediment quality assessment using multiple lines of evidence (Subcontract, $55,000 from Pacific Estuary Ecosystem Indicator Research Consortium Director; 20032005)

Environmental Science Seminar

Exxon Valdez and BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spills and Recommendations for Future Countermeasures
by Arloe Fontenot, B.S., Environmental and Interdisciplinary Sciences
2015-04-30, 06:00 PM in NSB 303H


Environmental Science Seminar

Opportunities for Interaction and Collaboration Between NIST and Students and Faculty from Texas Southern University
by Willie E. May, Ph.D. , Acting Director of the National Institute of Standards and Technology
2015-04-27, 06:15 PM in NSB 303H


Environmental Science Seminar

Air Pollution and its Impact on the Environment.
by Bernhard Rappenglueck, Ph.D., University of Houston Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
2015-04-22, 06:00 PM in NSB 303H


Environmental Science Seminar

Ph.D. Defense seminar: Phytoremediation of Soil Contaminated with Used Motor Oil (Green House Study
by Taofeek Olonode, EIS/ ETox PhD student
2015-04-16, 03:00 PM in NSB 303H


Environmental Science Seminar

New Insights in Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Biology
by Cornelis Elferink, Ph.D., UTMB Pharmacology and Toxicology
2015-04-08, 06:00 PM in NSB 303H


Environmental Science Seminar

MS Thesis Defense: Evaluation of Antiproliferative and Cytotoxic Properties of Herbal Supplement SAABFAT6 on Human Colorectal Adenocarcinoma (HT29) and Human Alveolar Adenocarcinoma (A549) Cell Lines
by Syntia Kwende, B.S., Environmental and Interdisciplinary Sciences
2015-03-27, 02:00 PM in NSB 303H


Environmental Science Seminar

Mercury contamination and bioaccumulation trends in East Tennessee Watersheds
by Maruthi Sridhar Balaji Bhaskar, Ph.D., EIS
2015-03-25, 05:00 PM in NSB 303H


Environmental Science Seminar

MS Thesis Defense: Fate and Transport of Triclosan in Upper Brays Bayou, Houston, Texas
by Djene Keita, B.S., Environmental and Interdisciplinary Sciences
2015-03-20, 02:00 PM in NSB 303H


Environmental Science Seminar

Differentiation of natural origins (hatchery-reared vs. wild) of juvenile steelhead (Oncorhynchus mykiss) by strontium isotopes and somatic body mass growth dilutions of PCBs
by Hyun-Min Hwang, Ph.D., EIS
2015-02-25, 05:00 PM in NSB 303H


Environmental Science Seminar

Applying My Environmental Toxicology Degree at Exxon Mobil
by Shawn Simmons, Ph.D., Exxon Mobil
2015-02-11, 11:00 PM in NSB 303H