Sherrill, Thomas



Airline Transport Pilot – Multi Engine Land                                            3138164

Commercial Pilot – Single Engine Land                                                           3138164

Flight Instructor –Single & Multi Engine Land, Instrument Airplane             3138164CFI    Expires 07-31-2020


Merchant Mariner Credential USCG 100T Master                                          000186899      Expires 02-22-2023

TWIC/TSA                                                                                                       02662048        Expires 03-07-2021

American Sailing Association Certified Instructor                                     300600969      Expires 12-31-2020

Accredited Maine Surveyor (AMS)                                                                1267                Expires 12-31-2020

Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors (SAMS)






The UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO – College of Business                                                                      Moscow, ID

1989 – Master of Business Administration

Major:  Business Administration:  Finance, Marketing and Business Management


The LEWIS CLARK STATE COLLEGE – College of Business                                                     Lewiston, ID

1988- Bachelor of Science

Major:  Business Administration:  Sales Management, Product Marketing, and Economics

1986- Bachelor of Science

Major:  Management Technology:  Business Process Design, Emerging Technologies, Labor Management


The LARAMIE COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE – College of Allied Health                             Cheyenne, WY

1983- Associates of Applied Science

Major: Radiologic Technology


The BOWMAN GRAY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE – College of Radiologic Sciences                      Wake Forest, NC

1977- Diploma

Major:  Echocardiography / Ultrasound


The CATWBA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL – School of Radiologic Technology                                       Catawba, NC

1972- Diploma

Major:  Radiologic Technology


The CHAPMANS SCHOOL OF SEAMANSHIP                                                                          Stuart, FL

Merchant Mariner Captains Course – 2003- Diploma

Marine Surveyor Course -2012-Diploma

Pataky, Edward

Assistant Chief Instructor

Papanicolaou, Constantinos


Fontaine, Terence

Aviation Science Students Achievements


On May 7, 2016, Aviation Science Management students along with students for Public Affairs Emergency Management Homeland Security participated in George Bush Intercontinental Airport Tri-Annual emergency exercise. The tri-annual emergency exercise is required by the Federal Aviation Administration to test the airport’s response to aircraft emergencies. An exercise of this nature requires emergency response from numerous local, state and federal agencies responsible for life, safety in all types of emergencies that could result in mass casualties and loss of life. Participation in this exercise gave our students a behind the scenes look at what it takes to stage such a large scale event and the responses from the agencies involved.

Aviation Science students will be attending the 88th annual National Conference of The American Association of Airport Executives, which will be held here in Houston, Texas, from May 15-18, 2016, at the George R. Brown Convention Center.

Aviation Science Management student Christopher Crutch was selected for a summer internship with the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) this past summer in Washington, D.C. at their national headquarters. Mr. Crutch, an outstanding student with a GPA of 3.61, worked in the office of Airport Training and Development from June 6 to July 29, 2016. Christopher Crutch graduated fall 2016 and began working for South Bend, Indiana International Airport in January 2017 as an Airside Operations Specialist.

Aviation Science student Jade Starr was selected for an internship at Morristown, New Jersey Municipal Airport July 5, 2016 – August 15, 2016. This internship is a direct result of our participation in the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) annual conference which was held here in Houston May 15-18, 2016, attended by students Raymond Allman, Christopher Crutch and Jade Starr, Program Director Vernon J. Baker, and instructor Mrs. Tasjah Hall.

Aviation Science Management students Ja’Derek Goldsby and Frederick Aferdi were named to participate in summer internships with the City of Dallas Aviation Department beginning May 23, 2016. The students worked at Dallas Love Field and Dallas Executive (formerly Dallas Red Bird airport). This is a first for TSU’s Aviation Science and Technology Department, as well as the City of Dallas Aviation Department. Mrs. Dawn Blair who is a Texas Southern University graduate and the Real Estate Manager-Property Manager for the Dallas Aviation Department contacted Mr. Vernon J. Baker, Program Coordinator for the Aviation Science and Technology Department after discovering Texas Southern University had an aviation management program. Mrs. Blair noticed that there was a lack of minority representation in the aviation industry and thought it was a great idea to offer internships to students studying aviation management. The Aviation Science Management program is always looking for opportunities for the students in the aviation industry and this will be another avenue for our students to learn and get hands-on experience in the field of aviation management. We are hoping for a long lasting relationship with the City of Dallas Aviation Department.

Aviation Science student Freddy Fuentes a 2015 TSU graduate is now working as an Airside Operations Specialist with the City of Dallas Aviation Department at Dallas Love Field. Mr. Fuentes was hired the summer of 2016.

Aviation Scienc senior Jesse Soto is interning with Southwest Airlines at their headquarters in Dallas, TX. in the Ground Operations-Safety, Standards & Regulatory department. Jesse began his internship on January 23, and will complete the internship on May 3, 2017; Jesse will graduate in May 2017.


Vernon J. Baker

TSU-HISD Plan Aviation Partnership


Left to Right: Roscoe Edwards, Ed Booker, Matthew Julien, Melaney Herron, Oscar Criner,Jose Santos, Marvin Smith, Justin Fuentes, Lei YU, Maria Flores, Muriel Jones, Tasjah Hall, Sherelle Foust, Michael Love

TSU’s Department of Aviation Science and Technology and HISD’s Sterling Aviation High School, the HISD Aviation Magnet, are planning a joint program to train pilots. HISD and TSU are creating a Memorandum of Understanding whereby Sterling Students take flight classes through the Department of Aviation Science and Technology at TSU. Dean Lei Yu and Assistant Superintendent Michael Love set in motion the process where students at Sterling Aviation High School will take aviation courses at TSU toward their pilot’s license and advanced placement in the Department upon graduation from Sterling. TSU’s Aviation science management program is thirty years old, but the flight program just started in 2014. The demand for instruction in flight has increased in recent years, so that TSU has over 60 students who want to become pilots. Sterling houses HISD’s aviation magnet program where students may take Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved courses. Students will then be able to take private pilot ground and then private pilot ours of flight time. Students may then take the FAA written and practical s examination.

by Oscar H. Criner, Interim Associate Dean, COSET
August 16, 2016


Flight Simulator Lab


TECH 156
Desktop Flight Simulators

Desktop Flight Simulators

The Aviation Science and Technology Flight Lab is equipped with 8 Flight Desktop Simulators, 2 Fixed Training Devices (FRASCA’S), and a Fidelity Full Motion Simulator.

The primary purpose of the flight lab is to give students hands-on experience of what goes on in the cockpit of an aircraft, and to understand the basic fundamentals of flight. The courses offered pertaining to flight are Introduction to Flight, Private Pilot Flight, and Private Pilot Ground. These are introductory courses designed for familiarization with flight instruments, how they work and what information they provide to the pilot.

Flight Simulator window

Flight Simulator window

The training given in the flight lab will enhance students’ knowledge of aircraft and their operating procedures. Should a student go on to pursue taking flying lessons, the student will be familiar with an aircraft and its parts as well as the instruments and how they operate. Currently there are ten graduates of the Aviation Science and Technology department that have become pilots, seven of which fly for Continental/United Airlines, one who is a pilot for Southwest Airlines, and two who are flight instructors.




Air Traffic Control Lab


TECH 153

Air traffic control lab

In the Air Traffic Control (ATC) Lab, students learn the rules and regulations as they pertain to air traffic control:

  • Aircraft separation standards
  • ATC tower operations
  • RADAR operations

Airport simulation

The ATC lab is equipped with six simulated presentations and a tower presentation of the airfield at Hobby airport. Students apply the rules and regulations to simulated aircraft flying in the Houston area as well as aircraft operating in/out of Hobby airport. They learn proper phraseology as it pertains to ATC when issuing clearances to land or take off, or course headings when flying from one point to another. This includes Visual Flight Rules and Instrument Flight Rules. These rules apply to certain pilots with the proper ratings to fly under various conditions.

From an airport management perspective, having the basic knowledge of ATC procedures and regulations allows a better understanding of airport, the airport movement area, why runways and taxiways are designed the way they are, and for what purpose. Runway alignments contribute to capacity issues, as to how many aircraft can land at an airport per hour. It also helps when handling aircraft emergencies and incidents.

Computer terminals in the air traffic control lab

Having knowledge of the basic ATC rules and regulations, as well as how to apply those rules and regulations gives our students an advantage when applying for ATC positions with the FAA as entry level air traffic controllers. Currently, there are two graduates of the program that are air traffic controllers, and one graduate that works for the FAA as a computer specialist.

Airport Management Lab


TECH 151

Flight simulator

In the Airport Management lab, which also serves as a class room, students will learn basic principles of airport operations, airfield signage markings and lighting, and driving on the airport operations area.

The two simulators depict the airfield at several different airports including Tampa, Florida and Houston Hobby airport. Students learn to communicate with the Air Traffic Control Tower to get permission to cross runways and/or taxiways, and to conduct runway/taxiway inspections per Federal Aviation Regulation PART 139 which governs all commercial service airports in the United States.

Air manangement class

It is imperative that students learn what the runway and taxiway markings mean, as well as the various signs on the airfield and lighting. Students will be able to recognize the colors of runway lighting and what each color means to a pilot. Students will know the color of taxiway lighting, to include high-speed taxiway lighting, and all lighting and signage pertaining to Surface Movement Guidance and Control Systems for low visibility operations.

This training helps students that are seeking positions at Airports, Fixed Base Operators, and General Aviation Airports. At commercial airports, the airport operations sections conduct airfield inspections, to include the runway and taxiways and the airfield as a whole.

Currently there are several TSU Aviation Science and Technology graduates working for the Houston Airport System at Bush Intercontinent
al Airport and William P. Hobby Airport in airport operations. We have several graduates and current students working as line technici
an at Fixed Base Operators, at Hobby, Bush Intercontinental, and Houston Southwest Airports.


Fixes Base Operation class

  • Airport Operations
  • Airfield Signage Markings
  • Airfield Lighting
  • Driving on Operations Area

Wilburn, Cynthia

Booker III, Edward


  • BBA (Management) & MS (Transportation and Planning Management) – TSU
  • Work Experience 22 years in Airline Management


Active member at Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church/Member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

Teaching Interest

Transportation Studies & Aviation Management

Lufadeju, Ezekiel

Research Interests

Hall, Tasjah

Education and Training

  • M.S., Transportation Planning and Management, Texas Southern University, Houston, TX- 1999
  • B.S., Aviation Science Management, Texas Southern University, Houston, TX -1995
  • United States Marine Educator Workshop – Quantico, VA

Highlighted Achievements

Contributed to a significant increase in student performances on standardized testing.

Provide instructional and administration leadership for the program, during one semester the program enrollment increased 50%. The overarching goal of the program is to assist all students using college students as mentors and resources for problem solving, critical thinking and research.

Assisted with developing and assisting students with internships; instrumental in placing students in paid internships with the Houston Airport System.

Increased student involvement by coordinating aviation conferences and field trips.

Coordinated independent research in the areas of flight science, engineering, and technology.

Implemented the Air Operations Area (AOA) Driver Training component to the airport management curriculum.

Mentored and coached students to help boost their confidence and competencies, as evidence by scores, completion of work, and obtaining paid internships.

Provided students with feedback targeting areas of improvement and align their strengths with course objectives and intended outcomes


Private Investigator, State of Texas 2012 National Incident Management System (NIMS) training/certification (4 levels) 2009
Proposal Writer, Office ofthe Governor, Austin, Texas 2007
Proposal Writer, Office of the Governor, Austin, Texas 2005
Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Mike Moroney Aeronautical Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – Cargo Security Training 2003
Special Agent, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Mike Moroney Aeronautical Center Oklahoma City, Oklahoma- Screening Technology, Basic Airport/ Air Carrier Security 2002
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Houston Airport System, Houston,
Texas Airport Safety Operations School 1999
Situational Self Leadership, Houston Airport System, Houston, Texas 1999
Member, Women in Aviation, International (WAI)- Since 2005
Board member of WAI Space City Chapter (2005 – 2008), Newly Appointed Board member 2011
Member, American Association of Airport Executives
Member and Advisor, Alpha Eta Rho Aviation Fraternity, (2004- present)


An experienced educator dedicated to guiding students to succeed while inspiring an insatiable passion for Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics (S.T.E.M.) careers specializing in aviation/aerospace. A Visionary Leader, Bridge Builder and Coordinator with a Master’s Degree coupled with 16+ years’ Airport and Aviation operations experience as well as instructing higher education students, engaging in research, and implementing effective programs. Background includes eight years of college education, and eight years of aviation management experience.

Dr. Hall is an enthusiastic, creative, and passionate educator, mentor and advisor who believes that all students can learn and thrive in a learning environment that is stimulating, comforting and appropriate to their unique talents and abilities. His Specializations include: Program Coordination, Student Advisement, and Mentorship. He advocates for Instructional Leadership; using a balanced blend of motivational and targeted instruction methodologies to enhance curricula, focusing on the three ‘R’s – Rigor, Relevancy and Relationships. He believes in engaging parents; working closely with parents throughout career, repeated successes securing a high level of parental involvement.

He believes in Leveraging Resources and making Strategic Collaborations; working closely with district leaders and community partners to encourage strong community aviation/aerospace alliances; Utilizing a visionary approach with consistency to help students past the threshold of not-knowing to knowing and develop to their fullest extent.

Research Interests

Florent, Gertrude

Research Interests

Aviation Science Seminar

TSU Partners with USAF and Test Drive Your Future (TDYF) for Achievement Seminar
by Dr. Jarris Taylor, United States Air Force
2012-04-26, 05:30 PM in NSB Atrium


TSU Partners with USAF and Test Drive Your Future (TDYF) for Achievement Seminar