Center for Transportation, Training, and Research


Mission and goals

Mission: Educating the professionals to move this millennium

  • Establish and maintain a creative research agenda fostering an atmosphere for the conduct of state of the industry research.
  • Provide an environment for students to explore relevant research issues complementing the academic curriculum.
  • Encourage critical thinking and analysis of emerging transportation issues.
  • Create opportunities to advance the scholarly dialog, thereby influencing the transportation agenda.
  • Pursue innovative funding sources to preserve and enhance the caliber of research conducted by transportation faculty and students.
  • Develop partnerships in the transportation industry to prepare a multi-disciplinary workforce to plan, manage, implement and operate transportation systems.
  • Implement interdisciplinary campus partnerships to broaden the scope of transportation related research.


Professor and Director of CTTR
Transportation Studies
TECH 401A | (713) 313.7924
Curriculum Vitae

Associate Director

Associate Director
TECH 401B | (713) 313.7925

Funding Sources

  • July 2015 to December 2017, Texas Department of Transportation, Texas Business and Opportunity Development (TBOD)
  • November 2015 to February 2017, National Cooperative Highway Research Program, Policy Implications of Automated and Connected Vehicles.
  • July 2016 to February 2017, Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission, Public Involvement for Long Range Plan.
  • May 2016 to May 2017, Harris County Transit, Mystery Rider Program
  • May 2016 to September 2016, North Central Texas Council of Governments. Operating Express Buses in Managed Lanes
  • March 2015 to December 2015, North Central Texas Council of Governments. Assessment of Express Bus Services
  • October 2014 to August 31, 2016, Texas Department of Transportation, Public Involvement Training

Contact Information

Denita Paul LaShore
Center for Transportation Training and Research, TECH 401
Phone: 713-313-1925
Fax: 713-313-1923


Professor and Director of CTTR
Transportation Studies
TECH 401A | (713) 313.7924
Curriculum Vitae
Associate Director
TECH 401B | (713) 313.7925

Research Assistant Professor
TECH 22 | (713) 313.7283
Curriculum Vitae
Sr. Administrative Assistant
TECH 405 | (713) 313.1925

Research Assistant
TECH 420 | (713) 313.1987
Research Assistant
Transportation Studies
TECH 419 | (713) 313.7284

Advanced Transport Technology Specialist
TECH 418 | (713) 313.1929


Velyjha Southern, Jermaine Hannon, Donald Cooper



Year Student Career/Study Location
2017 Walter Council Imperial Calcasieu Regional Planning and Development Commission Houston, TX
2015 Wu Ying Houston Galveston Area Council Houston, TX
2015 Joshua Phillips Jones and Carter Engineering Houston, TX
2014 Kenneth Burrell Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County Houston, TX
2014 Jennifer Auzenne Freight and Logistics Company Houston, TX
2014 Marcia Robbins Stout Engineer Department Texas Southern University Houston, TX
2014 Sandra Onyejekwe Windstream Houston, TX
2014 Anderson Stout Almeda Corridor Association Houston, TX
2013 Peggy Adolph-Golden Metropolitan Transit Authority Houston, TX
2012 Brandon Mosley Metropolitan Transit Authority Houston, TX
 2012 Garlin Wynn TXDOT Houston, TX
 2011 Sasche Sabaroche Texas Railroad Commision Houston, TX
 2011 Shain Eversley Metropolitan Transit Authority
2011 Christopher Bowling First Transit Houston, TX
2010 Latissha Clark Center For Transportation Training and Research CTTR Houston, TX
2010 Krystal Lastrape Booz Allen Hamilton Washington, DC
2010 Anthony Price METRO Houston TX
2008 ChaWanda Jackson Inbound Transport Houston, TX
2008 Shichen Jia Traffic Engineers, Inc.
2008 Armin Kheirmand City of Houston Planning and Development Houston, TX
2008 Yasmina Soria Platt Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Atlanta, Georgia
2008 Jamaal Schoby URS Corporation Charlotte, NC
2007 Ursurla Williams Texas Southern University Houston, Texas
2007 Mehdi Azimi Texas A&M Civil Engineering, Ph.D. Program College Station, TX
2007 Ken Norman KBR Logistics Baghdad, Iraq
2007 Juan Morrison Red Cross Transportation Houston, TX
2007 Kenneth Brown Federal Highway Administration(FHWA) Quadrant Consultants Inc.
2006 Michael Morris FHWA Providence, RI
2006 Sharon Moses Legislative aid to Council Member Ada Edwards Houston, TX
2005 Jeffery Mallory WTS Project Logistics Houston, Texas
2005 Steve Granson HDR Engineering
2004 Tammye C.K. Davis Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Little Rock, AR
2004 Harry Fulwood Calvin, Giordeno and Asso., Inc W. Palm Beach, FL
2004 Jermaine Hannon Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Pheonix, AZ
2004 Broadus Kirkland J.B. Hunt Houston, TX
2004 Jacqueline Renee Williams Quadrant Consultants Houston, TX
2004 Steve Grenson TxDOT Houston, TX
2004 Robert Hill TxDOT Houston, TX
2004 Linhua Li TEDSI Infrastructure Group Houston, Texas
2002 Li Xu Epoxy Supply Chain Dow Pacific Shanghai, China
2001 Rajish Ramoutar William P. Hobby Airport W. Palm Beach, FL
2001 Lenin Williams Planning Analyst
2000 Sharon Adams Center for Transporation Training & Research Houston, TX
2000 Andre A. Garner William P. Hobby Airport Houston, TX
2000 Athena Perkins Department of Homeland Security
1999 Tasjah D. Hall Transportation Department , TSU Houston, TX
1997 Ruben Howard, II City College of Chicago Cypress, TX
1997 James H. Cox, Jr. Western and Southern Financial Group
1997 Robert Morgan Port of Houston Authority Houston, TX
1996 Vincent L. Sanders Metropolitan Transit Authority Houston, TX
1995 Larry J. Allen, P.E Harris County Public Infrastructure Houston, TX
1995 Juan Morrison U.S. Department of Transportation Washington, D.C.
1995 Pearlie M. Tiggs Urban/Regional Transportation Fort Worth, TX
1994 Ronald E. Goodwin Assistant Professor, Prairie View A&M Prairie View, TX
1990 Olakenle I. Olasimbo Department of Public Works Lake County, FL
1987 Earl Washington Houston-Galveston Area Council Houston, TX
1987 Danny R. Perkins Escpolytech, Inc. Houston, TX

Research and Services

The Center for Transportation Training and Research (CTTR) is a research arm of Texas Southern University and a companion to the Masters of Science program in Transportation Planning and Management. Texas Southern University’s mission as prescribed by the State Legislature includes its role as a “special purpose institution of higher education for urban programming”. This designation provides a foundation for all programmatic activities at the university and is in keeping with the key aspects of smart growth, public engagement and inclusion of low income and minority persons into the mainstream of transportation planning and decision making. CTTR is currently housed in the multi-million dollar Leonard Spearman Technology Building. CTTR has access to resource materials and computer capabilities required to conduct research facilitating literature review and on-line searches, perform graphical and schematic support documentation, as well as having statistical software to assist with survey analysis.

The Center for Transportation Training and Research began in 1983 under the leadership of founder, Dr. Naomi W. Lede, with a grant from the Urban Mass Transportation Administration (now Federal Transit Administration). In its relatively short history, the Center staff has amassed more than 80 years of direct transportation experience. Initially, the Center focus was on the elements of public transit, but over the last 30 years, the research domain has been expanded to included highways, land use and other transportation components. Still the list of research specific to public transit has remained strong and relative to industry needs.

The Center has established successful collaborations with other institutions and public and private transportation entities. The Center is a 30-year member of the Southwest Region University Transportation Center with Texas A & M University (Texas Transportation Institute) and the University of Texas at Austin (Center for Transportation). Other successful liaisons exist with Rice University, Federal Highway Administration, Department of Homeland Security, the Texas Department of Transportation, North Central Texas Council of Governments, Houston Galveston Area Council, RSM Services, Parsons Brinckerhoff and Barry Goodman Corporation.


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The Center offers the following scholarships and training opportunities:

  • Dwight David Eisenhower Fellowships
  • Graduate Research Assistantships
  • Summer Transportation Institute