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COSET First Generation Tigers Luncheon

fgen1finalThe College of Science Engineering and Technology held a luncheon for its First Generation Tigers on Wednesday, November 9, 2016, the first “COSET CONNECT FIRST GEN TIGERS” luncheon. For those of you who are wondering what the purpose of the luncheon was, here are some facts.  FIRST GEN (generation) TIGER refers to students who are the first in their immediate family to pursue a Bachelor’s degree. COSET CONNECT refers to connecting these students with a mentor who will be a support system for the student. The luncheon was held to introduce first generation COSET students and their Mentors to each other. The luncheon was designed to be an icebreaker and information session to allow students to get to know who they will be working with for the rest of their college journey while at Texas Southern University. It also gave the mentors the same opportunity. The mentors put the mentees at ease so they would know that they could be comfortable with them and ask questions freely. The group took time to get to know each other. They shared professional and personal histories and found similarities and differences. The mentors discussed what fgen4finalthey do for Texas Southern and what their position means in the organization. They discussed roles and expectations from the mentoring commitment, discussed logistics, the best method for keeping in touch between meetings, and expectations between calls or visits. They also established boundaries for the mentoring relationship. There was conversation about mentors offering feedback on professionalism, values, proper attire, grooming, nonverbal communication, whether it is appropriate to address language issues, whether it is appropriate to discuss behaviors that may be offensive, and confidentiality.  The luncheon fostered good connections and much laughter. Our goal for the students is to navigate these First Gen students through their college experience with the least amount of complication. We aim to improve each student’s awareness of their requirements, their obligations, and our support to promote their success for the present and the future.

Desirée Jackson