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The 2016 COSET Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP)

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2016 SURP students

This summer, a total of 23 students from 7 departments participated in the 2016 COSET Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP). The 10-week program was designed to provide opportunities for talented undergraduates to gain hands-on experience on how to develop research projects, generate meaningful data, and disseminate them through oral presentation and written publication. They conducted various unique research projects ranging from assessment of tree diversity in urban parks and contamination of tap water by lead pipes, better understand mechanisms of breast cancer cell proliferation, create rap music using mathematics, and examine interactions between species in biological networks using mathematical models. They also developed a low-cost wireless carbon monoxide sensor, studied evolutionary history of birds using gene sequencing, investigated impacts of natural toxins in vegetables and fruits on gastro-intestinal disturbance, and compiled database of major factors of large cargo truck crashes in Texas. Their oral presentation and manuscripts revealed that they successfully achieved the goals they set at the beginning of this program. Two surveys conducted at the beginning and the end of the program indicate that SURP substantially increased their intention to proceed to graduate programs in STEM fields, which is one of the major goals of SURP.

Students who received awards for the summer of 2016 are listed below along with their project titles and supervisors.


Annabella Awazi Determination of efficient wicking materials for use in self-watering planters Hyun-Min Hwang
Anish Patel Application of computer vision Daniel Vrinceanu
BreiAnica Mason Measurement of tree richness to assess the health of urban parks Hyun-Min Hwang
Erica Martinez Dynamics of Negative Feedback Loops with and Without Extra Interactions Yunjiao Wang
Francis Ishioye EFNMR (Earth’s Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) spin-echo and spin lattice salinity test Daniel Vrinceanu
Filmon Asfaha Applying fuzzy logic to improve in-situ soil Yachi Wanyan
Hyder Aljanabi Sequencing the mitochondrial genome of Luzon Lowland Scops-Owl (Otus megalotis) and Phylogeny of Old World Otus Hector Miranda
Inami Bass Sequencing, mapping, and annotation of the complete mitochondrial genome of mountain peacock-pheasant Polyplectron inopinatum Hector Miranda
Jaida Rice Periodic maxilinear difference equations Roderick Holmes
Kany Makanguile Frequentist and Bayesian inference on experimental data of multistable perceptual rivalry Yunjiao Wang
L’Anne Bell Cloning of has-miR-3613 into pmR-ZsGREEN1 DNA expression vector and its expression in PC-3 cells Shodimu_Emmanuel Olufemi
Leandra Stewart Effects of α-Solanine on Protein Synthesis in stably transfected BEAS-2B Cells expressing pmR-ZsGreen1 (GFP) Desiree Jackson
Lisa Nunez Gene Expression Analyses of the p38 Mapkinase Isoforms and Select Genes in Breast Cancer Cell Lines Audrey Player
Modesta Trejo Constructing periodic difference equations of orders two and three Willey Taylor
Najib Lawal Sami Safety and mobility performance measurement for work zone projects with ITS deployment Mehdi Azimi
Naomi Walker Assessment of lead in Houston area tap water Abate Wolde-Kirkos
Oladimeji Ogunyemi Bridging Mathematics and Rap Song (Freestyling) Tong Wu
Precious Oguonu Application of GIS in Water Quality Assessment in Houston Area Abate Wolde-Kirkos
Rana Asif Ali Wireless hazardous gas dector for air quality monitoring system Oskar Criner
Rashad Cartwright Development of database expert system for transportation: classifying electric vehicles Fengziang Qiao
Tessy Attamah Characterisitcs and contributing factors to large truck crashes in Texas Yi Qi
Valerie Dozier Sequencing the complete mitochondrial genome of Bronze-tailed peacock-pheasant Polyplectron chalcurum Hector Miranda


Let us applaud the excellent achievements of all SURP students who made huge steps to move forward!

Hyun-Min Hwang
COSET SURP Coordinator