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Curriculum Vitae

Education and Training

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Theoretical Physics Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas May 1995, G.P.A. 4.00/4.00 Dissertation Adviser: Dr. Eckhard Krotscheck
  • Masters of Science in Physics Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina December 1989, G.P.A. 4.00/4.00 Thesis Adviser: Dr. John R. Ray
  • Bachelor of Science in Physics Pennsylvania State University, State College, Pennsylvania May 1987, G.P.A. 2.40/4.00


Dr. Tymczak has specialized in the identification, development, and implementation of new scientific codes for exploiting advanced computing resources impacting large scale computation in diverse areas in Many-body physics, Quantum Chemistry and ab initio Molecular Dynamics. He is an Associate Professor of Physics at Texas Southern University, Houston, where he is spearheading the integration of supercomputing resources into various STEM programs, as well as the founder and director of the Texas Southern High Performance Computing Center ([LINK] [] TSU-HPCC). At Los Alamos National Laboratory, Dr. Tymczak is a permanent scientific associate within the [LINK] [] FreeON initiative, involving the development of a massively parallel linear scaling quantum chemistry methods, currently under development in collaboration with Dr. Matt Challacombe (T-12) and Dr. Anders Niklasson(T-1). He is one of the first to exploit wavelet based methods in large scale computing for understanding the electronic structure of materials. For the last four years, he has advanced the FreeON development through the exploitation of advanced data structures and advanced machine architectures. FreeON is now recognized as one of the first quantum chemical codes with demonstrable scalable parallelism within large-scale parallel clusters.

Research Interests

Research/Scholarly Activities

Current Research

[Linear Scaling Quantum Chemistry: The MondoSCF coding Project] []

Many-Body Density Matrix Perturbation Theory: Beyond MPn
[MondoSCF home Page] []


[LINK] [] Anders Niklasson
[LINK] [] Matt Challacombe
[LINK] [] Melissa Lucero
[LINK] [] Valery Weber

Recent Publications (out of a total of xxx)

[1] C. J. Tymczak and John R. Ray, “[Asymmetric Crystallization and Melting Kinetics in Sodium] [] .”, Phys. Rev. Let. 64, 1278 (1990).

[2]C. J. Tymczak a nd John R. Ray, “[Interface response function for a model of sodium: a molecular dynamics study] []”, J. Chem. Phys., 92 7520 (1990).

[3] Krotscheck and C. J. Tymczak, “[Dynamic Structure Function of Quantum Liquid Films] [].” Phys. Rev. B, 45, 217 (1992).

[4] B. E. Clements, J. L. Epstein, E. Krotscheck, M. Saarela, and C. J. Tymczak, “[Dynamics of helium films][]”, J. Low Temp. Phys., 89, 585 (1992).

[5] B. E. Clements, H. Forbert, E. Krotscheck, H. J. Lauter, and C. J. Tymczak, “Dynamics of Quantum Films.”, Physica B; Feb 1994; 194-196, p.659-60.


Army Research Office, PI, June 1 2012-Present, $636,000/3year, “Many Body Density Matrix Theory for Excitations

NSF-CREST, , September 2011-Present, CREST-1137732, , Center for Research on Complex Networks*Co-PI and Project Director*$5,000,000/5year

NSF-MRI, September 2011-Present, , MRI-1126251, , Acquisition of HPC at Texas Southern University to Expand Capabilities for Research and Training through Shared High Performance Computing*PI*$220,000/2year

Welch Foundation Grant, , September 2007-Present, J-1675, ,Many-body Density Matrix Perturbation Theory*PI*$250,000/5year

NIH-RCMI, , September 2003-August 2009, RR003045-20, *Co-PI and Project Director*$7,215,000/5years

Texas Southern University Seed Grant Award, PI, September 2006, $15,000/1year, Advanced Methods for large Scale and Accurate Electronics Structure Simulation