Assistant Professor
SB 303 C | (713) 313.1388
Curriculum Vitae

Education and Training

  • Ph.D. (Forest Resources), Mississippi State University, Mississippi State, MS
  • MSc (Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry), Acharya N.G. Ranga Agricultural University, Hyderabad, India
  • BSc (Agriculture), Acharya N.G. Ranga Agricultural University, Hyderabad, India


Dr. Maruthi Sridhar Balaji Bhaskar, an Assistant Professor in Department of Environmental and Interdisciplinary Sciences, began working at TSU in September of 2011. Before coming to TSU, he worked as a research scientist and postdoctoral faculty in the Department of Geology at Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio. He earned his Ph.D in Forest Resources from Mississippi State University in Starkville, Mississippi and his MS in Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry and BS in Agriculture from Acharya N.G.Ranga Agricultural University, in Hyderabad, India. He has strong research experience and interests in use of Geospatial technology (Remote sensing and GIS) in environmental sciences and was awarded with four patents for his work on remote sensing.

Dr. Bhaskars research interests include the application of remote sensing and geospatial techniques for environmental planning and management, landscape ecology, human and environmental health monitoring and economic development. He developed several satellite models to monitor the soil and water quality, contaminant fate, environmental disasters, invasive plant species and evapotranspiration. His research work has great significance in the field of soils and developing a remote sensing methodology for continuous surveillance of the vegetation growing on these toxic metal contaminated sites. Dr. Bhaskar also published extensively on the use of green plants to clean up metal contaminated soils and methodology for continuous surveillance of the vegetation growing on these toxic metal contaminated sites. He has published more than 20 peer reviewed research articles, 3 book chapters and made numerous contributions at international and national conferences and meetings.

Research Interests

Research/Scholarly Activities

  • Agricultural and Environmental monitoring using Remote Sensing and GIS
  • Land Use and Land Cover change, Global Environmental change detection
  • Imaging Spectrometer and Hyperspectral data acquisition and analysis
  • Monitoring the effects of Heavy metal and Nutrient Pollution on Soil, Plant and water
  • Soil Contamination, Remediation and Restoration

Recent Publications


Publication Summary

Published (55): Book Chapters (4), Refereed Journal Articles (20), Conference Abstracts (26), Non-refereed papers (5).


Maruthi Sridhar BB, Han FX, Vincent RK. 2014. Remote sensing of nutrient concentrations of soils and crops in biosolid amended soils. In Applied Manure and Nutrient Chemistry for Sustainable Agriculture and Environment, He Z and Zhang H. (Eds.). Springer Press, NY.

Nagler P, Maruthi Sridhar BB, Olsson AD, Glenn E. 2011. Hyperspectral remote sensing tools for quantifying plant litter and invasive species in arid ecosystems. In Hyperspectral Remote Sensing of Vegetation, Thenkabail, P.S., J.G. Lyon, A. Huete. (Eds.), ISBN: 9781439845370,CRC-Press,Taylor and Francis group, NY.

Maruthi Sridhar BB, Vincent RK. 2010. Mapping and estimation of chemical concentrations in surface soils using LANDSAT TM satellite imagery. In Satellite Communications, Nazzareno Diodato (Ed.), ISBN: 978-953-307-135-0, Sciyo, Available from []


Maruthi Sridhar BB, Witter JD, Wu C, Spongberg AL, Vincent RK. 2014. Effect of biosolid amendments on the metal and nutrient uptake and spectral characteristics of five vegetable plants. Water Air & Soil Pollution 225: 1-14.

Wu C, Spongberg AL, Witter JD, Maruthi Sridhar BB. 2012. Transfer of wastewater associated pharmaceuticals and personal care products to crop plants from biosolids treated soil. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 85: 104-109.

Maruthi Sridhar BB, Han FX, Diehl SV, Monts DL, Su Y. 2011. Effect of phytoaccumulation of arsenic and chromium on structural and ultrastructural changes of brake fern (/Pteris vittata/). Brazilian Journal of Plant Physiology 23 (4): 285-293.

Tangestani MH, Jaffari L, Vincent RK, Maruthi Sridhar BB. 2011. Spectral characterization and ASTER-based lithological mapping of an ophiolite complex: A case study from Neyriz ophiolite,SW Iran. Remote Sensing of Environment 115: 2243-2254.

Maruthi Sridhar BB, Vincent RK, Roberts SJ, Czajkowski K. 2011. Remote sensing of soybean stress as an indicator of chemical concentration of biosolid amended surface soils. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation 13: 676-681.



Maruthi Sridhar BB. (PI). Spatial and temporal modeling of mercury fate and dynamics inEast Tennesseewatersheds. 2014-2016, $199,999, NSF-HBCU-UP.

Maruthi Sridhar BB. (PI). Landscape level patterns of mercury contamination and bioaccumulation in East Fork Poplar Creek (EFPC) watershed, 2014-2015, $ 15,000. (Funded – DOE Grant)

Maruthi Sridhar BB. (PI). Use of a geospatial database and model to map mercury distribution and transport in the East Fork Poplar Creek watershed, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, 2013-2014, $ 15,000. (Funded – DOE Grant)

Maruthi Sridhar BB. (PI). Monitoring agricultural sewage sludge, 2012-2013, $10,860. (Funded USDA subcontract through University of Toledo) Sub Award No. 10390057-TSU

Vincent RK, Maruthi Sridhar BB. Calibration and validation of remote sensing data for the Lower Colorado River Region, 2007-2011, $56,000. (Funded USBR subcontract through Central State University)

Vincent RK, Maruthi Sridhar BB. Monitoring agricultural sewage sludge, 2010- 2013, $468,000. (Funded USDA subcontract through University of Toledo)

Vincent RK, Maruthi Sridhar BB. Monitoring agricultural sewage sludge, 2009- 2012, $101,765. (Funded USDA subcontract through University of Toledo)